Electric ATV's - Motorcycles - Scooters - And More

There are tons of different types of battery powered ride on toys, and several manufacturers. You can get them in various sizes and styles, for both little and older kids. No matter what type of rechargeable riding car or four wheeler your kids may want, you are sure to find one that they will really enjoy. Let's take a look at some the styles and sizes that you just may want to consider when you go out shopping for battery powered ride on toys. These electric vehicles are really cool. If you are looking to find the best battery powered ride on toys for your child, there are some basic things you will need to take into consideration.

Power Sizes:

Battery powered ride on toys can be operated by several different size power cells. Generally speaking, you will be looking at 6 volt or larger for the rechargeable units, but there are some that run on D size. Let's look at the sizes in a little more detail. Please note that the larger sizes will have more features, like reverse. Although the larger power cells are not required for this, it is typically included as you move up in size with battery powered ride on toys.  Electric four wheeers are a lot of fun for kids.

D Size: Yes, some of the more popular battery powered ride on toys can be purchased at local department stores for under $60. You will need to put at least 6 D sized in the unit to get it to operate. These cars, trucks, and Jeeps will generally be made only for young kids, generally under 50 or 60 pounds. They are the cheapest, but they will also be outgrown relatively quickly. In addition, unless you use rechargeable D's, you will pay an arm and a leg to keep them running. Of all battery powered ride on toy cars you can get, these are the cheapest and smallest. These are generally only going to run effectively on smooth, flat surfaces, like a driveway. This makes them the least versatile of the battery powered ride on toys.

6 Volt: You will find 6 volt electric cars and trucks in various stores and online. They are a very common size of battery powered ride on toys. They are generally the smallest of the rechargeable electric type of cars, trucks and ATV's. Generally speaking, this size riding car or truck will have enough power to ride on pavement and perhaps a very smooth and well groomed lawn. It may have enough power to be operated on very gradual slopes. Most units at this size will have 2 speeds, but they generally will not have reverse. Some units will have speeds of up to 5 miles per hour, but you will generally not be able to get much beyond that. In general, most will be able to carry a child smaller than 100 pounds. Of course, there will be some variance with the different brands of battery powered ride on toys and cars, whether it's Peg Perego or Power Wheels.

12 Volt: Your battery powered ride on toys may include a fire truck, John Deere tractor or a skid steer, just to name a few. If you go with this size, you will generally get two forward speeds, plus a reverse. The 12 volt size will generally go about 5 miles per hour, but you can occasionally find a car, fire truck, or other vehicle that will go little faster. You will generally be able to have your kids ride on these until they weigh 100 to 125 pounds, depending on what maker you go with, like Fisher Price or NPL. In addition, these units will generally have enough snap to drive through your yard and go up gradual hills, even on uneven surfaces. You will find youth ATV's or other vehicles in this size are a good one to allow your older child to drive. Battery powered ride on toys in this size are quite popular, since they are good for younger and older kids.

24 Volt: These are the biggest of the electric, battery powered ride on toys you can get. Peg Perego makes a Sportsman 800 and a Polaris RZR Ranger in this size. These units are able to haul up to 150 pounds, which will allow your child to ride the battery powered ride on toys as they approach the teen years, should they wish. In addition, more than one person can safely ride these, since they are able to haul such large amounts of weight. These units go up to 7 miles per hour and have reverse gear. They can be used off road in the yard on uneven surfaces and on slightly steeper inclines. They are fast enough and big enough to keep an older and larger child interested, so they should be considered as you look at battery powered ride on toys.

Common Manufacturers:

Peg Perego: They make all sorts of styles and sizes of battery powered ride on toys. They are considered to be a high quality manufacturer, offering warranties up to two years. They have become much more popular over the last few years for their high quality standards.

Power Wheels: This is probably the brand of battery powered ride on toys that most people are familiar with. Fisher Price makes the Power Wheels brand of cars and trucks that many people see in the stores. They have been making the electric rechargeable cars, trucks, and even golf carts for many years now. You will find them at most large department stores.

NPL (National Products Ltd): They make a Mighty Wheelz and a Hummer model. They are not nearly as well known as the others listed, but they are an option worth considering when you look for battery powered ride on toys for your kids.

Razor: They are a little different than the other manufacturers of battery powered ride on toys, but they are still a brand to consider. You can often get them in a motorcycle or four wheeler/ATV style. You can find them at many large retail outlet chains. You will have no problems finding people familiar with this brand of battery powered ride on toys.