Battery Powered Weed Eaters.

There is certainly a buzz around battery powered weed eaters, they are solving a lot of issues and problems that their older electric and gas powered rivals simply can't.

They are environmentally friendlier - they aren't like guzzling gas weed eaters which are contributing heavily to air pollution (due to not actually burning the fuel entirely whilst in the cylinder). Instead as the weed whackers are running on rechargeable batteries, they are simply charged by the mains, therefore having a much lower contribution to carbon emissions.

They are less noisy - with battery powered weed eaters, there is no need for the sound of loud running gasoline motors going off. You will have no worries when it comes to damaging your ears or accidentally waking up the wife.

They are lighter - as you aren't having to shift around a gas motor or if you are faced with a rather large garden, you actually now have a chance of getting around the entire thing, without the need for breaks. (Although they aren't  usually lighter than their electric whipper snipper counterparts).

They are more flexible - again as the string trimmer is lighter, you will be able to manoeuvre the weed eater into difficult situations without having to go and put yourself out. Also you don't want to be having a cord getting in the way, and worrying about the restrictions as to how far you can go.

They are easy to run - you don't have to go worrying about buying, mixing and filling the oil to get the weed eater running, instead all you have to worry about is switching it to charge the night beforehand.

There is likely to be the right battery powered whacker for the job: if you are only wanting to maintain and look after a small patch, then you can be provided with a smaller powered weed eater, then again if you have a bigger job there are the larger models - there is a whole range available.

The only real downside to the battery powered weed eater, is the actual battery life (be sure to carry spare batteries if you need to complete the job, and bear in mind that they take a several hours to fully recharge). However in the future the battery life is only going to get longer, the weight will decrease and the cost should only get cheaper as technology progresses.

When buying a battery powered weed eater, consider some of the following:

The brand - make sure that the weed eater you are planning on buying is a reputable one, a particularly good manufacture, in the eyes of Amazon any how, appears to be that of the Black and Decker models, in particular the LST220 model. Find out more information on the brands of particular battery powered weed eaters by clicking here.

Any Specific features - there will be particular features that might attract you to a specific weed eater to another, they aren't all the same, so be sure to enquire if the weed eater you are looking at maintains these features. E.g. does it have an edge guard?

The voltage - usually the higher the voltage, the more powerful the strimmer, so assess as to what will actually be the right amount of voltage for you. 

Battery powered weed eaters can make looking after your garden, that little bit easier.