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Battle Line is a new free-to-play strategy line defense game by Gamevil for the iPad/iPhone. Set in the fantasy realm of the Nine Worlds, your task is to lead a team of heroes in a battle against evil. Fight hordes of monsters and reclaim your outposts one by one as you eliminate skeleton warriors, goblins, evil mushrooms and tons of other enemies.

Battling in Battle Line

In Battle Line, you fight lanes of enemies with your heroes and prevent them from getting past the left end of the screen. Heroes are controlled by drawing lines on the screen to move within and between the lanes. Enemies move only in a straight line although there are also enemies that can switch lanes. You lose the battle if you let any enemy past your line of defense.

Losing a battle or retreating from one makes you to lose reputation. You can no longer battle when your reputation bar gets depleted. Not to worry though, reputation regenerates after a while so you can get back into action later.

Battles have an easy, normal, and hard mode and you stand to gain more gold and better items when you play in a harder mode.

battle line battle scene

Heroes of Battle Line

You can have up to four heroes in your team when you battle. It’s possible to hire more than four heroes but the rest will have to stay out of battle. Your heroes can die during battle but they can be revived immediately for three gems. Heroes that die during battle will receive no experience points for the battle but are not penalized in any other way.

Heroes have different stats depending on their types. For example, an Offense Type hero will be high in offense power but lacking in defense. Heroes can also be trained in different weapon masteries. Training a hero in a certain weapon will improve their stats when they are wielding that particular weapon.

Heroes can be equipped with four types of items, a weapon, armor, an accessory, and a rune.

Items and enchantments

Weapons, armor, and accessories can be purchased in the item shop or obtained in battle. There are five weapon types in total – sword, axe, twin swords, bow, and wand. Each weapon type has a skill that your heroes can use in battle. For example, a bow gives the Rain of Arrows skill that inflicts damage to all monsters on the screen with pouring arrows and a wand allows you to use a skill which heals all your heroes.

Besides skills, weapons and other items also give additional stats to your heroes. The higher the level requirement of the item, the better stats it tends to have.

Weapons and armor can be enchanted with gems. Enchanting your weapon or armor gives it better stats for every level of enchantment as well as bonuses at +3, +6, and +9. These bonuses are shown in the item description, so make sure an item has the bonus you are looking for before you spend gems to enchant it.

Enchanting your item makes it more powerful but successful enchantment is not always guaranteed. The first three levels of enchantment have a 100 percent success rate. After that, the success rate decreases, the fail rate increases, and the chance of breaking your item increases with each additional level of enchantment. A potion can be used to prevent the item from breaking, but it does not prevent the enchantment from failing.

Items highlighted in orange come with a free bonus at +0. However, these items are quite rare.

battle line item enchantment

Special item shop

The special item shop sells runes that give your hero additional skills, experience potions, extra gold, and an anti-bandit item that keeps your castles safe from thieves.

Items in the special item shop are purchased with gems.

Quests in Battle Line

There are quests which you can complete and these make up part of the storyline. You can also get rewards such as gold or gems from completing quests. However, quests seem to be optional because I could advance even though I was ignoring them most of the time.

Castles and gold or gem production

Each time you take over an enemy outpost for the first time, you’ll get a castle built on it. These castles produce 11 gold every 1.5 minutes at first and can be upgraded to produce more gold or even gems over a longer period of time. It costs gold to upgrade your castles.

Gold or gems that are produced by castles have to be clicked on manually to receive them and to start the production process again.

A castle is not completely secure until you win a battle in the “Hard” mode at the particular outpost. Until then, the security level decreases over time and your gold can be stolen from your castle if security level gets to 0. You can increase the security level by winning a battle at the outpost where the castle is. After you complete the “Hard” mode at an outpost, the castle becomes permanently safe from thieves.

battle line castle production

Challenge mode & Point Shop

Challenge mode is unlocked after you clear the first area. In challenge mode, you battle waves of monsters to earn points which you can then use to exchange for runes. These runes give stats or certain bonuses such as Life Steal but do not give your heroes skills.

As with normal battles, you lose reputation when you lose in the challenge mode and you will not be able to battle in the challenge mode either if your reputation is used up.

Participating in challenge mode will give you a rank and a record of your best score. A Hall of Fame shows the high scores, names, and countries of the top 100 people who have participated in the challenge mode. You can also view their info to see which heroes they used, and the items they equipped on their heroes.

battle line challenge mode

My thoughts on Battle Line

Battle Line was pretty fun and I really liked that you could produce gems from castles instead of just getting them from battle. The best part of Battle Line was its challenge mode, because it allows you to compete with everyone else who’s playing and also lets you earn runes that make your heroes more powerful.

I think Battle Line is a great game you should get if you’re looking for something fun and challenging.


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