Battle Strikers Tournament SetIf you are looking for one of this year's new and hottest toys for your boys aged 6 and over, the chances are Mega Bloks' new spinning top sensation, Battle Strikers, will come across your path. This latest innovation in spinning tops has used magnetic technology to really lead the way in dragging this old fashioned game into the here and now. The magnets allow the old rip cord launch system to be done away with and also give controllability to the tops once launched. In this article I will cover three things to be aware of when buying Battle Strikers, so that you can spend your hard earned money wisely.

1. Do not just buy a Battle Striker

You may see the Battle Strikers boxes on your local toy shop shelves or search on the internet and come across them. But beware if you are new to this phenomenon, it is no good just buying the Battle Striker and giving that to your child as a gift. They will not be able to use it. As well as the Striker, they need a launcher and a controller. These can both be found, in either a Starter Pack, which includes one of each and a Striker, or in the Tournament Set, which includes two of each, two Strikers and a Battle Arena. Once you have the launcher and controller from one or other source, you can buy as many singe Strikers as you like.

2. Do not just buy one Starter Pack

Unless your child has a friend with all the Battle Strikers set up, you will want to either buy two starter packs or the Tournament Set. This is a competitive game and most of the fun comes from one player's Striker battling another players. The aim of the game after all is to be the last top spinning or to battle your opponents top out of the playing arena. Whereas your child will be able to use the Battle Strikers on their own, they will not get the full enjoyment out of the toy.

3. Do not just buy one Battle Striker

Battle Strikers is all about collecting, customising and competing. There are over 16 different and unique Strikers to collect. Each Striker has a strength of either attack, defence or control, determined by the build components. Part of the game involves dismantling these components, mixing them with the pieces from other Strikers and coming up with a unique Striker of your own. If you only buy one Striker for your child, you are not giving them the opportunity to take part in this key part of the experience.

So do not sell this gift short. You need to buy enough of the right pieces to ensure your child fully enjoys the whole Battle Strikers experience. Happy shopping.