Okay, you've probably at least heard about the most recent James Bond film "Skyfall" by now if you haven't seen it. And a lot of people are calling it the best movie in the franchise's history. Is that true? Well, its certainly debatable. There have been twenty three movies in this franchise now and to my knowledge, that's the most ever for any particular franchise. This of course excludes serials and shorts which would have played in theaters in the early films of the industry such as the (in my opinion at least) iconic Three Stooges. So, there are plenty of movies and actually plenty of different incarnations of this character to look at when making that kind of statement. And there are plenty of different elements that go into a James Bond movie. There are things we, as viewers, have come to expect from the series. And then there are things we expect to change with the times. Skyfall is certainly a good movie and in my opinion worthy of mention when it comes to the say a list of the top ten or maybe even five Bond movies ever, but I just don't know if its entirely fair to label it THE best ever. Let's put that aside for now though. There is another question to be adressed here as the title of this article suggests. 

 If Skyfall is supposedly the best Bond movie ever, does that automatically make Daniel Craig's turn as the martini drinking super spy the best ever too? For many years, most long time Bond fans wouldn't hear of anyone being named or even considered for best Bond save for the original, Sean Connery. And although times have changed and some of the early movies may not play the same to audiences today as they would have back in the sixties, there's certainly a good argument for Mr. Connery. I don't want to waste your time or mine. So, this article is only going to focus on the actors whom I consider to be genuine contenders. And that means that we're not going to look at a couple of the shorter term Bonds who I know do have their own followings. Like it or not, they just aren't the same level as these guys who took so many turns as the character. So, we're going to focus on the big four; Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, and of course Daniel Craig. 

 There is an argument to be made for each of these actors as best Bond ever. They certainly each had their own version of the character. The former Mr. Universe, Sean Connery, brought a masculinity to the role that nobody has really done since. Craig is probably the closest by far, but even he seems to fall a little short in the man's man department. And maybe that's okay. Roger Moore seemed to me to have more of the classic British sound, look, and feel to him. He had a type of grace in the role that maybe the others just couldn't match the same. Maybe they didn't want to either. Brosnan, well, I'm really not sure what it was about him. Maybe, it was the absurdity of it all in his movies and how at times he just seemed to be playing along with us and laughing at it himself. I mean, he made it with a chick called Christmas and couldn't help saying you know what had "come" early this year.... Geez. I liked the movie that came from, but it still makes me cringe just thinking about it. Still, it worked for him.... until Halle Berry (Don't get me wrong. I like Halle Berry, but she never should have gotten anywhere near a James Bond movie.... at least not with the character she did. Nobody should have played that character). Then, there's Craig. He's possibly the most rugged of the actors... again except probably Connery. Some could argue he has more the look of the average man though. So, we can maybe relate to him better... but are we supposed to be able to relate to Bond like that? 

 To help to determine who's really the best, I have decided to include a list of what I consider some of the best movies and examples of each of the mentioned actors in the role of Bond. I suggest any Bond fan watch all of these. They are the better ones. And we've had some not so good ones in the past couple decades too. Anyway, I think its obvious that "Skyfall" is going to be required viewing for anyone wanting to see what Daniel Craig's take on the character is all about. And by the way, if you're interested in reading a full review of that movie, I've got one for you here. Another movie you'll want to watch of Craig's is "Casino Royale". Personally, I wouldn't bother with Quantum of Solace. Next up, let's take a look at Mr. Brosnan's turn. Now, a lot of people loved the videogame based off of one of his turns as the character in "GoldenEye", but that's probably not one of his better movies as the character. Still, you could do worse. So, go ahead and check that one out. But to me, Pierce Brosnan's best Bond movie will always be "The World is Not Enough". Check it out and you'll see that cringe worthy quote I mentioned earlier. Don't let that put you off though. It's actually a decent Bond flick. 

 Next up is Roger Moore. A lot of people may not be aware of this, but Moore played the character for longer than anyone so far, being cast in the role in seven movies over twelve years. And he was the oldest to play the character with his last turn being at the age of Fifty Eight! So, I'd suggest going with his first Bond movie "Live and Let Die" and a later one in "Moonraker". Moonraker is pretty ridiculous, but I don't think we've seen Bond in space before or since and I just loved it as a kid. So, last, but not least is the original. Sean Connery.  Really, I'd say all of the Connery Bond films are good, but if I have to pick, I'm going to suggest you go with "Dr. No" just because it was the first and "Goldfinger", because everyone seems to love that movie. Watch them. Love them. I've given you some facts and some darn fine reference material to look over, but you really need to make your own choice. Find your own best Bond and don't worry about what any pole or article or commercial tells you. As for me, I like each of them in their own way and I think my favorite changes with my mood and what I've seen lately really. Just the same, I'm in a Connery kind of mood right now and that's who I'm naming my favorite James Bond. At least for today. Check back with me later and maybe I'll write an article about the best Bond Girl. That might cause a bigger argument than best Bond.