Staging AreaCredit: 3 is all about teamwork and rewards contributions well. Helping your team by dropping ammo and med kits, spotting or repairing vehicles will not only benefit your score, but also your team’s chances of a win. Read these top ways to increase your points and rank up faster.


Spotting enemy players or vehicles provides a visual marker on the mini map for several seconds, making it easier for your team mates to find them. It doesn’t matter what class you are playing, make sure that you continually spam that spot button! In most cases, the person will be quickly killed after you have spotted them, giving you those extra points.

Drop those kits!

So many times I have found myself running around with no ammo, screaming “Hey, gimme some ammo!” at the support players and still, no one drops a kit. Dropping an ammo or med kit next to the objective can accumulate a lot of points! This is where a lot of fire fights occur and where players gather each time the objective is under attack.

Stick with your teammates!

When you stay near your teammates, you contribute to the group pushing through to take an objective. This is the perfect opportunity to throw out some of those ammo packs and med kits to gain some more points.

Revive your teammates!

Medics can earn a lot of points from reviving their teammates. As you rank up within the assault class, you will unlock the defibrillator. Use this tool to revive fallen teammates, however make sure you have cleared the area first. There is nothing more annoying than being revived, just to be killed again instantly.

Repair your team’s vehicles!

Battlefield 3 TanksCredit: your team’s vehicles in action by staying close by and repairing them. Big vehicles such as tanks are a huge target for enemy engineers. As the vehicles are being pounded by rockets, hop out of the tank (preferably on the opposite side to where the rockets are hitting) and begin repairing. This allows your team mates to focus on destroying the enemy equipment and players, while you keep a valuable vehicle in play.

Throw out some AT mines!

One of the ways that I get a lot of points is by choosing engineer class and putting out some AT mines. These mines do not disappear when you switch class, and you are able to place six mines out at a time. The best way to ensure that you get the destroy points as well as disabling points using AT mines is to put three mines across a narrow, commonly used area. Players are often wary of the well-known areas for mines such as close by objectives. You can place your mines between objectives to catch the enemy unawares.

Go for objectives and don’t worry about your KDR!

Lighting M-COMs and capturing flags offer encouraging reward points. If you begin to worry about having a positive kill death ratio (KDR), then you probably won’t stick your neck out to help your team. Letting go of wanting that great KDR lets you earn more points by taking more risks. Try and light that objective!


It is not necessary to have great accuracy skills to get the MVP ribbon. Contributing to your team in various ways can help you to accumulate a lot of points. Many of the tips are so simple that players don’t think they contribute very much to their overall score. As you begin to use these pointers more often, you will notice your score increasing.