Battlefield 3 is one of the most popular FPS games on the market. Expansive maps and a wide array of vehicles create one of the best online combat experiences offered.

Playing Modes

There are five modes to play on Battlefield 3 multiplayer. Conquest requires teams to capture and hold the rights to flags around the map. In team and squad death match, maps are greatly reduced in size for players to focus solely on killing enemies to win the round.

In rush mode, two objectives must be destroyed before the map opens up further to allow you to continue. M-Coms need to be armed and disarmed depending on if you are attacking or defending. Explosives such as C4 no longer destroy the objectives as they did in Bad Company 2. Rush is available in a team mode or squad mode.

Classes and Kits

As in the previous Battlefield games, such as Bad Company and Bad Company 2, there are four classes to choose from.

Support class players provide ammunition to the team in the form of ammo boxes. Drop these boxes to get points each time a team member uses them. Claymores and C4 are equipment options available to this class.

The engineer class has the tools to repair and destroy vehicles, a valuable contribution to the team. RPG’s, AT mines and the repair tool can all be used to put enemy vehicles out of action. A new addition for this class in Battlefield 3 is a remotely controlled robot that can be sent in to arm charges.

Assault class contains the medic equipment for the group, healing wounded team mates and reviving those who have been killed. You have the option of a grenade launcher or med kit in this class.

Recon players use surveillance and sniping skills to help the team capture the targets. The MAV is another new, remotely operated piece of equipment which has a built in motion sensor. It allows players to spot and even kill enemies as well as having the ability destroy their equipment.EngineerCredit:


Unlocks and attachments are earned as you use each weapon. Flashlights and laser sights can be added to most guns, blinding your enemy and giving you a valuable advantage. Enemy players suffer from blurred vision when wounded. The knife doesn’t work as easily as it did in previous Battlefield titles. Now you really need time to try a few times before you get the kill.


In true Battlefield fashion, there are many wide, open maps for gameplay. Paris, Tehran and New York are some of the cities in which maps are based. Battlefield 3 boasts a destructible environment, where most buildings show damage caused by weapons. However, buildings are not as easy to completely destroy as in Bad Company 2. The sprawling maps that are available create the perfect environment for the vehicles offered.


Battlefield is well-known for having a great range of vehicles. Different vehicles are offered on each map. Smaller maps may offer only a road vehicle or light amour whereas the larger maps may offer a variety of Humvees, tanks, helicopters, boats and jets. As you use each vehicle, you unlock upgrades and weapons. When used tactically, vehicles can create a lot of damage and push your team further ahead in the game.


Dice have released packs which contain all unlocks for the game. The unlock packages can be purchased as a whole set or for each individual class. It is a good option for Dice to offer to players, especially if you don’t want to complete the necessary requirements, such as co-op missions to unlock certain weapons.

Rent a Server

Dice have recently included a ‘rent a server’ option on Playstation 3, where players can pay to customize a server. The purchaser can change the rules, ticket count and also have the ability to kick players from their server.

Battlefield 3 remains one of the best first person shooter (FPS) games available, offering spacious maps and a variety of vehicles. Teamwork remains one of the most important factors to winning rounds and points are awarded to encourage this quality. Battlefield 3 keeps you wanting more even after many hours of play.