The recon class in Battlefield 3 has some very unique tactics to master if you wish to play him effectively. Due to the kit upgrades and nature of this class, you will be spending most of your play time at long-range, taking out your targets before they even know what hit them. One of the most underused abilities of the Recon Class is their ‘spotting’ ability. While each class is able to ‘spot’ or mark an enemy soldier or equipment on the map, there is a time delay on how often they can mark units. The recon class however is able to mark several targets simultaneously, and each unit destroyed while marked issues points back to you! 

You’ll also want to keep in mind that you’re fighting in the middle of a war zone, so while this is general advice for all classes make sure to stay low! Cover is your friend, and can save you from those stray shots that will be coming your way. Remember that the scope of your weapon will cause glare to the enemy, so it’s best not to camp in one spot. Moving between sniping locations is pretty much mandatory, since the kill cam will display to the enemy your exact location.

You can never be too cautious when you are selecting your sniping locations. Often times the high vantage points seem to offer the best vantage point, though they also make it easier for the enemy to find you! Instead, try to keep a lower profile and set up firing lanes and not cover half the map. If your fire is localized, it will be easier to keep your attention on the enemy, and you’ll worry less about being countered.

Selecting your weapon of choice is equally important, and with Battlefield 3 you’ll have plenty of weapons to choose in your recon kit. The main debate between the weapons consists of using a bolt-action or semi-automatic rifle. While the semiautomatic rate of fire will prove to be faster than that of the bolt-action, it is much easier to get unlocks on the bolt-action rifles. Depending on your play style would decide which weapon is best suited to you; however I would recommend the automatic rifles for maps with close-quarters combat. 

Battlefield 3 Recon Kit
Credit: Origin

T-UGS: 5,000

SV98: 13,000

SOFLAM: 26,000

MAV 45,000

SKS 71,000

M40A5: 104,000

M98B: 146,000

MK11 MOD / SVD 195,000