Battlefield 3 PS3

The first thing that I would like to say about "Battlefield 3", is that it's not very different from Call of Duty. It has many of the same clichés that are in "Call of Duty". The difference is, is that the graphics look much better and it's more fun to play. I wanted to mention this because Battlefield 3 has been hyped as the "killer of Call of Duty".

I must say, Battlefield 3 is seriously a world-class, and unique multiplayer game. If you like warfare on a massive scale and are looking for a challenge, then this is the game for you. It comes complete with tons of co-operative modes that are engaging and support new tactics.  It could always be better with more, but it gets the job done. I really feel that Battlefield 3 is a game all online shooter fans should own. It excels by taking a more open approach to online warfare and exploration. The game always makes the battle challenging and enjoyable. Also, all of the rural, urban and military locations are beautifully recreated and designed.

The PS3 version of Battlefield 3 is slightly shorter than the PC version, but the PS3 version is still very engaging and competitive. It recreates virtual warfare better than most other online shooting games. Battlefield 3 does have some new options including a server browser that enables players to find the type of game that they want to play. The vehicles in this game are what makes the Battlefield series different from the others in this genre. You can play it for hours and it always feels like you are moving forward. This is mainly due to the reward and progression incentives. All of the classes (Soldier, Engineer, Assault, and Recon) have a different set of skills that are essential for progressing in the game, so it is necessary to level them up.

Battlefield 3 encourages players to help their teammates not only by getting the most kills, but in other areas as well. If you heal a teammate or resupply a sniper team, you get rewarded. With this, you can be a top scorer just by being a great team player. It doesn't even matter how many times you have died in action. This game also has features that encourage team play. Some of these include: multi-passenger vehicles, squad support and target spotting.

Battlefield 3's multiplayer is very expansive and is highly customizable. Unfortunately, the single-player campaign goes down a familiar path of linear scripted action. Despite this criticism, the campaign does have a stronger sense of realism to the story, making it feel more authentic than Call of Duty.

Thanks to the Frostbite 2 engine, Battlefield 3 really does look amazing. The animations are terrific, and so are the lighting and shadow effects. They add extra dimensions on everything from the shafts of light beaming through broken windows, to the spray that is kicked up around the aircraft carriers. There are a few bugs, but not enough to ruin the experience.

In Battlefield 3, there is a co-operative game mode that adds an extra dimension. It is based on the main story, but it takes its lead from the engaging approachthe multiplayer game takes. These missions focus on teamwork, but on a smaller scale than the multiplayer mode. When you work with a teammate, it opens up a great range of tactical options, such as one person creating a deversion while the other opens fire.

Overall, Battlefield 3 is an amazing game and it definitely makes up for the shortcomings in its single-player campaign by having excellent multiplayer and co-op game modes.
It is very engaging and has addictive large-scale battles along with a co-op game that is thoroughly enjoyable. Battlefield 3's online multiplayer will definitely give Activision's Modern Warfare a run for its money.

I highly recommend Battlefield 3 to anyone looking for a non-call of duty type of experience. The graphics in it are unreal!