This small guide is intended to provide tactics for the support class of Battlefield 3. The first thing that you must consider when playing the Support Class is that they are not designed with speed or efficiency in mind. While you can expect to unleash a hailstorm of brute force upon your enemy, if you are vulnerable if you are caught off guard.

 Support is basically exactly that; you support your comrades in the fight. Your ally perk is the ability to drop ammo crates, and you should do exactly this – especially in choke points. As your teammates struggle to push back the enemy, you can expect to see many points issued for re-supply. Also in reference to choke points, you are the best defense your team has against the opponent. Especially at early levels when you kit is somewhat bare, a chokepoint becomes your best friend. Try to position yourself so that you can shoot just past a corner, and keep firing! One of the most common mistakes of players using the Support Class is to wait until they see the enemy to fire. Because you have unlimited resources, its important that you keep putting bullets down rage, this will help keep the enemy back, as well as give you points for every enemy killed who was suppressed by your bullets.

 Your ultimate goal should be to unlock the M249 and then the M249B. These two weapons provide the most accuracy (when paired with the bipod) and are capable of one-hitting enemies. Keep in mind however that the gun is extraordinarily powerful, and as a result you should fire in bursts: I like to shoot one round bursts. Basically just aim for shooting one bullet every second or second and a half. With these few basic tactics in mind, you should be well on your way to creating a better soldier in Battlefield 3. Game on!

Support Kit Unlocks
Credit: Screenshot from Origin

C4 Explosives: 4,000

M249: 11,000

M18 Claymore: 23,000

M224 Mortar: 40,000

PKP Pecheneg: 60,000

M249B: 90,000

M60E4: 130,000

M27IAR: 170,000

RPK-74M: 170,000

QBB-95: Complete Assignment “Let it Rain”

MG369:  Complete Assignment “Keep your Head Down”