BF3 Trolling with C4

In the First Person Shooter that is Battlefield 3, there are many things players can do. Before the recent suppression patch, the only fun thing to do with support was to use c4. Now the support bipods can be used to suppress the enemy because suppression got a boost which makes it harder for the enemy to shoot you accurately. There are still many ways to troll with c4.

1. C4 Fishing - Stand over a ledge where you know the enemy will be under (Ex. The stairs in Metro) and throw c4 over the ledge and wait for enemies to walk over it and detonate it.

2. C4 Kamikaze - Place c4 on air vehicles and fly them over enemy vehicles then bail out and as the vehicle is approaching the enemy, detonate the c4.

3. C4 Jeep - Place c4 on a jeep and drive toward the enemy tank and bail out. The jeep will keep going because of the momentum and then detonate the c4. This method is very hard because enemy air vehicles can easily blow up the jeep.

4. C4 on spawn vehicles - Take your own vehicle and drive to the enemy spawn. Jump out and you will have 10 seconds before you are killed. Place c4 on the enemy air vehicle and quickly jump back into your own vehicle. Fly away and wait until the enemy gets in the vehicle then blow it up with c4.

5. C4 knife - Instead of knifing somebody when you find them turned around, place c4 on the ground next to them and walk in front of them. They will be absolutely mindf**ked. Make sure you're far enough away when you walk in front of them then blow up the c4.


There are also other ways to troll people in BF3. C4 is just the most common but other weapons can also be used.

1. Claymores - When you find someone turned around or sniping (Most oblivious people in the game) place claymores right behind them and then walk in front of them. They will most likely back up and get killed. You can also just shoot the claymore when you place it and it will detonate but it will count as a kill toward your weapon not the claymore.

2. Jeep Teamkilling - When you get in a jeep in the spawn, drive toward a teammate and jump out of the jeep as it's approaching the teammate. The momentum of the jeep will keep going and the jeep will run over the teammate and it will kill them because you're no longer in the jeep.

3. C4 passenger - you can go into the passenger seat of a jeep or the little bird and have your friend drive you over some enemies or enemy vehicles. You can then throw c4 out of the jeep/little bird and detonate the c4 when you're a safe distance away (related to c4 fishing).


There are also a few other ways to troll in BF3, but it's frowned upon by most people because it involes exploiting glitched guns or nade spamming, etc, etc.