Most people will at some point or another be battling depression, at least once in their life. Life has a way of throwing us curve balls and sometimes it affects us, brings us down and we end up falling into depression. Life is not always easy and there are tough tests most of us will go through like the death of a loved one, the loss of job or a painful breakup. Whatever the cause of their depression, most people battling depression use medical drugs, antidepressants to try to solve their problem. There is no doubt antidepressants have a place but generally we do not like taking drugs if it can be avoided. They usually are only effective in the short term and can lead to dependency.

Did you know there is a free way of battling depression, that has many associated health benefits? This method is exercising. I can read your disappointment now, but bear with me. Physical exercise is great not only for your body but also for your mind. Have you ever noticed how relaxed you feel and at peace with yourself after an intense workout session? That's natural endorphins at work. The idea then is to use regular physical exercise as a way to help battling depression without taking any drugs.

Not only does regular exercise help battle depression but it also prevents it from reappearing! I am not talking out of my ass here there actually have been studies on this. What sport you do matters little the important thing is do exercise often (at least 3 times a week).

The harder thing for you will be the first step. The hardest thing will be to get up of the couch, put your shoes on and go run for a while. But try it, honestly try it and tell me you don't feel better coming back from the run than when you first put your shoes on. After a week the most difficult will be behind you, you will start getting used to frequent exercise (possibly even looking forward to it!) and will be well on your way of overcoming depression. Nevermind battling depression, I said overcoming it. To tell you the truth when people ask me how can I treat my depression and I tell them that exercizing is a great way to get better, they often dismiss my advice. I hope you won't.

Other advantages of this way of treating depression is that it will increase your self esteem, you will look better, feel better and increase your productivity. Your heart will be stronger and it will likely also trigger other positive changes in your life. When one thing starts to get right in our life it tends to trigger a chain reaction of positive events, we suddenly set goals for ourselves we only were talking about before. All this is within reach if you have the strength to make that first step. Every great journey begins with a small step. Start battling depression and end up overcoming it and transforming yourself.