Nike, the sneaker company, once had a very famous advertising slogan that urged runners and other athletes to "Just Do It!" This sage advice can apply to so much more than just running marathons. Indeed, it has useful applications in just about every area of life. After all, so often our success rides on just deciding that we are going to tackle a given task, and then following through with all the ferocity and determination that we can muster.

"Just do it!" is certain excellent advice for any online writer who hopes to become more prolific and build up their personal library of online articles. Of course, this is not to say that online writers who are seeking to become more prolific should just write about anything, including things they know nothing about, or about which they feel zero passion. They also should not write so quickly that they forget to proofread their work. Quality counts, especially in the world of online writing.

However, if online writers have certain topics that they feel deeply passionate about, and if they want to share that passion with the world, they should definitely focus much (or even most) of their online writing time and attention on writing about these topics. Why? Well, it is much easier to write prolifically if you care about your subjects. When you care deeply about something, you typically have quite a bit to say on that topic, which means that you can often generate rough drafts rather quickly.

And as soon as you get a solid enough rough draft to work with, you have the foundation of an article. If you are like a lot of other writers, you struggle with writer's block from time to time. However, if you can just get past your fear of that blank computer screen just long enough to create a solid outline (or even a preliminary draft) of an online article, the toughest part of the writing process is actually over.

Revising a rough draft of an article is, in some ways at least, the fun part, or at least it can be. Indeed, it is during the revision process that you get to refine your ideas (and develop them further), smoothing out the rough edges by altering your word choices and making cuts and additions as needed.

The secret, in other words, to becoming a more prolific online writer and building up your library of online articles over time is really no secret at all. You simply need to push through any initial fear or anxiety or writer's block you might be experiencing in order to get that first draft up on the screen because refining and polishing is almost always an easier (and often a more satisfying task) than creating that initial draft.