If you're considering becoming a Mystery Shopper or Secret shopper, there are guidelines that you might want to look into before going forward. Mystery shoppers are disguised shoppers who are hired to shop in certain stores and record the details of the shop to be reported to a company whom the corporate company hires to do so.

The first step to becoming a good mystery shopper is to be able to follow directions. Before you take a job, read the summary and details of the job. Make sure you're able to meet the deadline and all the criteria of the job before you accept or apply for it. This may sound like a simple thing, but many people do not realize how easy it is to miss one detail of job criteria.

Once you have accepted the job, keep a log or calendar of each job and the dates that are applicable to them. Some jobs may have a range of 4 or 5 days attached to it. Some may only have one available day. Keep all emails pertaining to the job and print out your paperwork ahead of time.

Come up with a good plan to remember details if you want to be a good mystery shopper.. Not all of us are able to remember everything. There are ways to remember names and details. Association can be helpful. Remembering a name by associating it with someone you know perhaps would work well for you.

Some mystery shop companies will allow you to put details on cell phone. You can also keep a note pad and write in it as if you're using your shopping list. Most of the time, the detail is pretty easy, but some shops that take 45 minutes to an hour will require lots of names and descriptions. In this case you will need a plan to complete this kind.

To make a quality report you must have good writing skills. Corporate companies will be reading these reports. They expect excellent English skills. If you can't provide this, you will not get the better, higher paying jobs and you may get your reports rejected as well.

Most mystery shop companies will also give you a word minimum and maximum as well for reports that require narratives. Narratives are written just like a story would be told, as if you are writing a novel. Remember, Quality reports mean more jobs, and better paying jobs. There are companies that will call you and offer you jobs first with bonuses if you show you will do an excellent job as a mystery shopper.