The four-day Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to spend time with your family and friends. That’s what I’ve always heard.  Nonetheless, not necessarily everyone enjoys socializing a lot or even have the desire to do so.  Each individual has the innate need to communicate with others, but introvert people can be happy individuals as they interact with others a few minutes at a time.

No Unpleasant Feelings

I am one of many people who’s happy to be alone doing important tasks.  It was not until I read a great article not too long ago that explains how to enjoy time when you're away from others.  That’s when I fully realized it’s acceptable that I enjoy spending time alone.  There’s no reason at all for me to feel guilty, or odd, because I am content with myself.  

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Schoolwork on Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is a great time for students to catch up on their schoolwork.  There are plenty of college students who need to work to pay for college expenses.  Therefore, they could use a break to study.  Children taking challenging classes and have extracurricular activities could feel fortunate for having four days to do schoolwork.  I don’t think it’s never too early for children to work hard in attempt to get admitted into exceptional colleges.  Introvert students could be happy studying alone and just socialize with others when they are taking breaks.

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Entertainment from Different Media

Not every working person gets a day off on Black Friday.  That is the day after Thanksgiving. Therefore, some people only have one weekday to relax.  Introvert individuals only have one day to enjoy time alone.  What if they work at a retail store that is expected to have increase traffic on Friday?  I believe they would go to sleep not too late and prefer to spend most of the daytime alone. They may have interest in watching something on TV.  There are the annual Macy’s Day Parade or NFL games to watch.  Perhaps watching a movie at a theatre during a matinee showtime would be a better fit for some introvert people.  It gives them a chance to interact with theatre employees before they experience quiet time alone in a dark area.

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Fun Activities for Introverts

During the whole time I that I set my mind to write this article, I wanted to let readers know that writing, reading, drawing, and painting are perfect activities for introvert persons to do during Thanksgiving.  We enjoy pondering.  We become insightful as we spent plenty of time figuring out and explaining our beliefs to ourselves.  Yet, we could publicize our thoughts and write articles for Info Barrel on Thanksgiving Day.  Researching over the Internet would also be embraced by introverts as another task to enjoy.  Another online activity to do is to upload artworks to certain websites and discuss them whenever someone comments on it. Christmas could be astonishing just by having artwork praised and ruminated by other people living somewhere around the world.

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There are other merry activities for introvert individuals to do without having the obligation to socialize with other people during Thanksgiving that I didn’t mention.