We need some carbohydrates in our diet, but we don't need too much of a good thing. As they are in most foods, they are hard to avoid. You see that a tender balance is necessary here in that while low carb nutrition is necessary, an over abundance is highly possible and needs to be mitigated.

Low carb nutrition can be achieved if we remember to limit the most negative elements and to promote the better quality foods. It is not advisable or easy to completely eliminate anything. The key principles to keep in mind, are simple vs. complex carbohydrates, and processed vs. natural foods, and portion size. Complex is preferable, as is natural.

This doesn't mean there will not appear to be paradoxes in the way we think of carbohydrates, but it is only that there are no absolutes. Low carb nutrition is actually simple when we are aware of the key principles and apply them to our choices. If we are among the majority of people, we need to be concerned about maintaining our weight as part of a healthy condition.

All foods have carbohydrates except for meat and fat. Other than if you are a vegetarian and derive your protein from vegetable sources, red meat, poultry and milk are a large part of your diet (fish is always advisable for many reasons so it doesn't even need to be included in this discussion). However any consideration of health should include limiting saturated fat. Low carb nutrition is no exception. So drastically increasing your consumption of meat and milk because this appears the natural way to reduce carbohydrates would be a mistake and could even have serious consequences to your health.

Milk that has reduced fat is still a simple carbohydrate, and it still has sugar (lactose). All forms of sugar are high in carbohydrates. Therefore low carb nutrition should limit sugar in all forms. Fruit is another simple carbohydrate that contains a major amount of sugar (fructose). However, we would not want to completely eliminate either low fat milk or fruit from a healthy diet.

Just as you can mitigate one of the elements that makes milk undesirable, the fat, you can consume a healthy amount of fruit in a better way. This is achieved by eating whole, fresh fruit, rather than drinking fruit juice, which almost always contains additional sugar (sucrose). Additionally, whole fruit contains more fiber or roughage than juice, and helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract. So your diet should include the lesser of two evils, wherever you can make a conversion, and not the total elimination of most foods.

The same can be said for choosing complex, rather than simple carbohydrates in consideration of nutrition generally. While processed and refined flour is used for bread and pastas, they are still on the complex side of the chart. So to improve the quality of your nutrition and mitigate the reasons these foods are not desirable, you replace these with brands that are made with whole grain flour. It is still complex and considered high in carbs, but at least it is not processed as well. Lesser of two evils.