Will you be my Valentine?

Credit: PublicDomainPictures

Are you stuck with trying to find that unique gift for Valentines Day? At some point or another we all are. So I thought I would compile a list of ideas to help you out this Valentine’s Day. While some ideas may not be what your looking for, others might be exactly that! Most if not all of my suggestions come from me doing exactly as I suggest, and making random date nights to romance my husband. So dont be shy, wife or husband... your partners smile will make it all worth it.


  • Spice up the house. If you are planning on having an evening at home, why not make it a sweet one, treat your valentine! Get some candles, scented sticks, rose petals, soft music, and have tea ready and cooked for when your partner gets home. Run the bath, ensuring ready only 5 minutes before they get home as to not go cold. Have a towel, body wash and maybe even a book ready. Continue into the night with a sexy full body massage, candlelit dinner, and maybe even a movie. Whatever suits you best to set the mood, and to rock your Valentines World!


  • Send Sms’s. Nothing puts a smile on my face better than when my partner texts me and tells me how much he loves me, knowing they are thinking about me, especially when I’m not expecting it. Send you valentine a text, email or voice message when they aren’t near you, or yet even right beside you; just to be cute. Sometimes we forget to say how much we care and although we do love them, it’s nice to be told.


  • Buy some flowers or a teddy bear and have them delivered to your valentines work or home. Although some women expect this, not all do or are lucky enough to get it. Men on the other hand, dont get treated to flowers as much as women, so it's time to rock the boat for a bit. It’s like sending them a little reminder of how much you love them and its sitting on their desk to see all day until they can finally come home and thank you.


  • Play a game to start things off. Send your partner or valentine a txt, email or voice message about what is happening later. Don’t give too much away just a little hint. Then about half an hour later, send them another one, until you have sent them a couple throughout the day and they can’t wait to come home and play! The idea of this game is to keep your valentine thinking all day about you and what you have planned.


  • Suprise them with a date outing, somewhere you know they love and rarely get to go to. It doesn’t need to be lavish or fancy, more somewhere that would mean something special to them, and even more because you thought to take them there. You could blind fold them and take a bottle of wine just to add that extra touch of romance.


  • If your valentine likes to sleep in, wake up early and leave little notes around the house. I love you notes beside the bed, beside the computer (to which you have changed their background screen image to a big fat love heart!) I love you notes on the bathroom mirror, and in the fridge! Have them all over the house, so there’s no way by the end of the day, they aren’t feeling loved and haven’t missed any.


  • Buy them that one thing you know they REALLY want but don’t want to spend the money on. It doesn’t have to be a typical romantic present, it’s more... I love you baby and I know you really wanted this, so happy Valentine’s Day. It could be a massage voucher or the Chainsaw from hardware store. We all have things we want, but never buy.


  • Get the visor in their car and pull it down. Get a sticky note and stick it on their saying I love you, and tuck rose petals around it. This can be a tricky one but it’s easy enough, then you put back the visor. So when they get in the car and go to pull down the visor the rose petals fall and they see a big "I love you" note!


  • You could go all out and plan a trip, Cruise or getaway somewhere whilst making it a complete surprise. Having booked everything in secret, pack their bags secretly for them insuring they have everything they will need whilst away, and then on Valentine’s Day give them a blind fold and whisk them away!


  • Go on a Picnic. If you’re not into having to book, and fight with everyone else who wants to go out to dinner on Valentines, then why not pack a picnic basket with both your favourite things, a bottle of wine and head down to the beach. Don’t forget the camera to capture the moment, blanket to sit on, and candles for a romantic light.

There are so many romantic and unique ideas you can do for days such as Valentine’s Day, you just need to think about what works best for you and your partner. Try being a little different and putting in the effort if it means something to you both and I’m sure it will pay off in the end! Sometimes its the little things that we do that make the big difference!