If, like many people, you'd like to be a little more environmentally friendly, then you'll be happy to learn that this is an easily achievable goal. Not only that, but you can save money and have the added convenience of delivery direct to your door.
A recent study by Carnegie Melon University found that shopping online can have considerably less impact than buying from traditional retail outlets. For one example - the purchase of a flash memory stick - it was found that buying online reduced the environmental impact by 35% when compared with the traditional shopping model.
A similar study by CleanTech noted that the carbon footprint of a book was approximately 7.5 kg of CO2 over its lifetime. However, if the customer drove to the store in their car, bought the book and then drove home again, the carbon footprint of that book was doubled.
It's estimated that approximately 65% of total emissions generated by traditional retail shopping result from customer transport to and from the store.Be Kind To The Planer
So shopping online is often cheaper, has the added convenience of home delivery and is better for the environment. Choosing the right product to buy can increase the savings in emissions even further.
If you buy electronic books instead of the traditional printed version then you will save on paper, ink and energy used in the production process as well as reducing emissions during the delivery. You can even get newspapers and magazines delivered electronically to your Amazon Kindle reader every day.
In a similar manner, downloading music to your PC or mp3 player will save on CDs, packaging and delivery. Downloading movies, which you can do from Amazon, iTunes and any number of other sites saves on DVDs, packaging and delivery emissions.
Digital photography is another area that offers plenty of opportunity for reduction of emissions. With a digital camera you won't be using lots of rolls of film and, if you use either digital photo frames or your PC to display your photos, you will save on paper, ink and processing chemicals also. You can even opt to store your photos online at a file sharing website such as Flickr.
Adopt a two step process for buying online. First of all, if you can buy online and have an item delivered to your door instead of driving to the store in your car then do it. Secondly, if you can replace a physical product with a downloadable one you will be even more environmentally friendly. You will save time and money into the bargain.

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