Stop complaining and Say thank you

It is a painful thing when we are grateful only in religious holidays or when worshipping in the church, mosque, synagogue,temple or wherever you may worship.Being grateful is not only for when things go your way, it is for the good and the bad. If you believe in God or even in a higher power, then you know that everything happens for a reason. Just because you don't see one doesn't mean there isn't one or more. 

So stop complaining. Be grateful for everything you have. Right now, as you are reading this, think to yourself,how many around the world are as lucky as you? How many are dying from starvation, from thirst? So take stock of the blessings you have been given. List them all and be grateful for all. From the smallest to the biggest.

For example;

  1. You wake up and find its raining. Please do not complain,maybe there are animals/plants/other human beings that need it. Again, God does what He does for a reason. It's not all about you. Do yoga.Have a cup of hot chocolate.Maybe watch a movie under the covers or read a book. Or put on your boots and have a little dance in the rain remembering your childhood. Be grateful. Enjoy the day.
  2. Maybe it's really hot.Do what you wouldn't do if it was raining.For example; go to the park,go swimming,get people together and have a barbecue,sit in a shaded café in a bustling street and people watch.If you have little kids, play with them,eat ice cream. Make some memories and enjoy yourself. There is always something to do.

Remember; for every thing that happens, there is a reason. That includes even 'bad' situations like breaking up with someone or losing a job etc. Don't say 'Why did you do this to me God? Why me?'. But say 'Thank you God for every situation'. And mean it.

Do not be grateful only to the Creator but also to the creation. When someone does something nice for you, it doesn't hurt to say 'Thank you'.

Here is a simple exercise: at the end of the day, when you are in your bed, say 'Thank you'. Take stock of all the blessings that you have been given that day.There maybe too many to mention.But a heartfelt 'Thank you God' for something as everyday as the comfy bed you are sleeping in, is also gratefulness. Who knows, your life might be that much easier if you are always grateful.