Galveston is a Beautiful Destination

Valentine's day is coming up soon.  If you live in the Southeast Houston area, there is a suggestion I would like to make.

Galveston, Texas is a hot spot for a couple looking for things to do for Valentine's day.
Galveston has two different and unique areas that are welcoming and available for a couple that wants to spend some lovely time together.

The Seawall is adorned with shops and restaurants from the mildly affordable to the high quality.  To get to the Seawall in Galveston, exit 61st street off of Interstate 45, and turn right.  Keep going and you will get to the Gulf of Mexico, and the Seawall.  You can eat on a deck in a casual atmosphere at The Spot, or go a little distance further and eat at Mario's Flying Pizza or Gaido's.  Any one of these locations are delightful.

The other area of Galveston worthy of your attention is The Strand.  It is easy to find The Strand.  Drive Interstate 45 until it goes away and turns into Broadway.  When you get to 27th Street, turn left and you can't miss it.  There are wonderful and eclectic eating and drinking experiences as well as unique shops.  This historic region of Galveston even provides cast iron signs telling the stories of many of the downtown buildings.

Walking on The Strand is a delightful experience.  It is something that many people find interesting or fun.  Walking on the Seawall gives you the feeling of the cool sea breeze blowing through your hair.

Regardless of whether you want the night life of The Strand, or the relaxation of the Seawall, Galveston, Texas is an optimum location for Valentine's Day Romance.