Tired of being late for everything? Here are 4 ways to make sure you're on time every time:

1.) Get rid of the excuses.
Your list of excuses for being late probably looks a lot like others' lists: “Rough morning”, “Lost track of time” or “Got busy with things”. Instead of making a halfhearted effort to appease the person waiting for you, why not just be honest? There's nothing more sobering than telling the person on the other end of the phone: "Hey man, I'm still a kid and can't get up on time. I'm late today and I've wasted your time. Sorry." Over time you will do whatever it takes to avoid those conversations. No more excuses, call it like it is, get up and get going.

But before that....

2.) Get to bed.
There is nothing heroic in being a night owl who "thinks best" after midnight. Despite the justification that you think more "creatively" late at night, going to bed early allows you to get up early and be more productive throughout the course of a whole day. Getting to bed on time allows you to get up and hit the very first thing on your schedule on time, every time. Everything else on your to-do list and calendar falls into place if you hit that first appointment right. Not to mention, ample rest leads to a healthier lifestyle and a myriad of other health-related benefits.

3.) Use a calendar.
Make a practice of going directly to your calendar when times and/or dates are mentioned in meetings, texts, calls or in brief chats. I watched a co-worker do this for months before I realized I should probably be more disciplined with my own calendar. Watching the way her calendar literally ran her life was inspiring to say the least. Get those dates and times out of your head and onto paper and let something concrete run your life, rather than relying on your memory.

4.) Forgive yourself.
Learning to manage yourself and a schedule will not be easy at the start. Whoever tells you that it will be is lying. There is a lot of deconstructing involved with your lifestyle, motivation, etc. In the past, being late would crush me. Then when someone was loving enough to call me to the table over my tardiness, it felt like a double blow and I’d be done for hours if not the whole day. These days I’m not okay with wandering in late the times I do, but I’ve learned that I’ll be better in a month than I am right now and that I function better knowing there’s some grace involved as I grow.

Don’t use #4 as a license to be lazy. Get up, get where you’re supposed to be and you’ll be the better for it.

I’m right there with you, hustling to make the most of the days I’ve been given. Here's to hoping you're on time every time from here on out.