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January 2012 Update

At the start of 2012 and Youtoo TV introduced the 30-second PeopleMercial.  30-second PeopleMercials get aired on the Youtoo TV Network.  If you have a business, website or feel you have something of value to share with the millions of Youtoo TV viewers you can and not go broke doing it.

In January 2012 Pauly Shore paid for 30-second PeopleMercials. members who entered the Pauly Shore contest got to record a 30-second PeopleMercial free and the PeopleMercials aired on the Youtoo TV Network.  Pauly Shore paid for one entry per person into his contest.  I recorded a 30-PeopleMercial for a chance to win his 2012 contest and when I finished recording it and went through the payment process to submit it the receipt was addressed and sent straight to Pauly Shore. and Youtoo TV offer many free ways to have more fun watching TV and social networking.

Youtoo TV is the first television network that offers its viewers a chance to be seen on live television. You can text a message to create a "Social Shout Out", you can record a video to create a "Fame Spot" and you can record a 30-second PeopleMercial for a chance to be on television.  Free to join, free to text and free to record videos.  I've recorded dozens of "Fame Spots", text message hundreds of "Social Shout Outs" and recorded a 30-second PeopleMercial which have all been aired on Youtoo TV.  It's fun seeing your family, friends and yourself on TV.

Social Shout Outs

Viewers can text message a "Social Shout Out" that is randomly rotated throughout the website and on the Youtoo television network.  Members sign in to the website using their home computers, mobile devices and smart phones to text message a "Social Shout Out" that will get seen by hundreds of thousands of people who sign into the website and by the millions of viewers watching the Youtoo TV network.  If you decide to connect your member account to your Twitter or Facebook accounts, when you text message a "Social Shout Out" it will automatically be transferred to your social networks.  Don't just text message one person at a time, text message millions of people at the same time. has upped the level of social networking. and Youtoo TVCredit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs

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How To Text Message A Social Shout Out

Youtoo Social Shout Out

Record A Fame Spot

Youtoo Fame Spots

Fame Spots

It's very easy to record a "Fame Spot".  You record a 15-second video using your webcam or you download the Youtoo App to your iPad, iPhone or Android and of course it's free.  You choose your favorite TV show, answer one of the topics/questions, record and click submit to publish.  It's that easy.  Youtoo is a social television platform that puts the focus on their viewers to take part in the TV programming from almost any location.  Record high-definition-television ready video files for a free opportunity to be on TV.

Each time you create a "Fame Spot" you increase the chances of being on TV and your "Fame Spots" get indexed to your Activity Feed within your Youtoo account.  The Youtoo phenomenon is growing fast and already has thousands of active members signing in to their accounts and browsing through the website daily.  If your "Fame Spot" does not get chosen to be aired on TV, your "Fame Spot" can still be watched by the hundreds of thousands of Youtoo members at the website.  Creating a "Fame Spot" is never a waste of time because someone, somewhere will be watching your "Fame Spots" to hear what you have to say.

Youtoo Fame Spots

Be On TV

Youtoo Television Shows

The Youtoo television network has a great line up of TV show such as the X-Files, Green Hornet, Batman and successful web series such as Howcast, PJTV, Geekbeat TV, KipKay, LOL Pets, Digivangelist, Andrenelina and an original Youtoo TV series The Best Of Revision3.  Youtoo also features an interactive program titled "Say Yes & Marry Me".  Viewers have the opportunity to propose marriage on-air by recording a "Fame Spot" to be seen by millions of the Youtoo audience.

The successful Internet television shows that get aired on the Youtoo TV network are TV shows that update you on the newest technology, gadgets, mobile devices, smartphones, games, apps and so much more.  There are also shows that teach you how to fix your gadgets, how to tweak your gadgets to enhance them and even how to save money by doing it yourself.  There are so many interesting TV shows to choose from.  Youtoo TV does have a unique line up of TV shows. and Youtoo TV Network

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