It seems in a bad economy it becomes very easy to eliminate employees to make room for friends and family who are out of work. Since there are so many people looking for jobs, there are lots of potential employees to choose from as well. Thus your employment may go bad from that point because of the large supply of willing workers.

Boss doesn't like you

It doesn't even matter if you are doing a great job at times, if they are out to give your position away, you are done. It is old news to eliminate old positions and rewrite new ones in a blink of an eye these days in playing the game. Don't be left out in the cold by what may be going on around you. Be prepared at all times if something should happen to your job.

 Make sure your resume is updated at all times. Even if you're doing well at work, this is a good idea. Save it on your computer and every time you learn something new at work, if it's a skill, update your resume. This will help keep you ahead in a bad economy if your job goes bad suddenly.

Go on interviews to brush up on selling yourself. If you haven't done an interview in years, it's time to get your feet wet again. You may even want to practice in front of a friend, spouse or even the mirror before you go to an interview. It never hurts to look at a new position that may be a better opportunity and you should never close any doors.

 Put your resume on the major job sites online just in case your position goes bad. Some of the largest online job searches are yahoo, and Make sure that your resume is searchable for employers. It’s important to get it out there once you have your doubts about your future with present employer. Don’t wait until you’re standing in the unemployment line.

Don't forget to check out your local classified ads. You should do this on a regular basis. You may find some good jobs but they won't be there long so plan on checking in the morning and get right on any leads.

It would never hurt to hit the pavement and approach businesses for opportunities. You may just find yourself at the right place at the right time. This is a much harder route to go but who knows what you may come up with.


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