Traffic jams waste time

If you are stopped in traffic or sitting at a light, take the opportunity to exercise! This will help relieve the stress of backed up traffic or the wait at the long light; it will help tone your muscles at the same time. An added bonus is that you will arrive at your destination feeling more energized. Before you get out of your car, exercise and stretch once again to help tone those muscles.

Important things to remember:

Be sure your foot is on the brake or you are in "Park" mode, depending on the situation (unless you are sitting in a parking lot with the ignition off). When exercising, if the light turns green or you have to move again, stop exercising and concentrate on your driving! Stuck in traffic

Continue at the next light or traffic pause (i.e. waiting for a train to pass or a pronounced stop in traffic, or in the parking lot). Don't be concerned if you get strange looks; most of the time, nobody will know you are exercising as most of the following suggestions are below the window level! Breathe normally while you do these exercises unless otherwise noted below.

Here are suggestions for simple, calisthenic exercises:

Arm exercises - hold arms either side of the steering wheel for each exercise

Keep hands on the wheel

1. Twist arms towards you and away from you, 5 times each way

( or count to 10 as you twist inwards and outwards).

2. With palms up; pull arms in towards your chest and fold hand into

a tight fist as you do this. Do 5 times.

3. With palms down - this time, pull your tight fisted hands towards

your shoulders, bending your elbows at the same time. Do 5 times.

4. Raise both arms above your head and touch the headliner (if you can). Take a deep

breath as you do so. Lower arms slowly. Do 2-3 times (this may get people looking so


5. Pull left arm and place over right shoulder until you feel the stretch; then pull right arm

over the left shoulder.. Do 3-5 times per arm.

Below the waist and torso - these are good leg, stomach and back muscles

6. Tighten your buttock muscles as you sit, while holding the wheel. Do 3-5 times and hold each pull for a 1-2-3 count.

7. Hold your stomach in for a 1-2-3 count while taking a deep breath. Do 5 times.

8. Hold steering wheel with both hands. Twist you upper torso towards the left then to the right. Do this for a 1-2-3 count. Do 3 times each side.

Do this exercise only if you are parked in "OFF" mode!

9. If it doesn't interfere with the steering wheel, lift and bend your leg at an angle so the knee points towards the passenger door and you foot is just below the steering wheel. Hold for 5 seconds. Then do the same for the left leg with the knee pointing towards the driver door.

Traffic stop opportunityExercising as noted above is safer and more productive than talking or texting on your cell phone and it is not illegal! If you do these exercises as a daily regimen, it can pay dividends.

Remember: Only exercise if it safe to do so! If you feel any pain while doing these, STOP! A "hurt body" is unsafe for driving!