I've come to realize that most of the unproductive feeling and frustration come from unrealistic expectations.

Don't Fool Yourself

We say: "Tomorrow I have one hour to write an article about pistachio harvesting." Then, tomorrow comes, you sit down and look at the blank page of your word processor. You finally write some ideas, but after one hour that document definitely needs more work.

"What?! I should have finished this article by now!"

The same happens when you plan: "Tomorrow, I'll do some marketing in social media." Then, you end up looking that blinking cursor... "What the heck do I say now?"

Don't Start Your House From the Roof

Well, the news are that you cannot expect to finish something if you don't know exactly where to start! You have to learn to break down every task.

Part of your job is to figure out what are you going to do tomorrow. So don't you ever start your day without knowing exactly what to do.

"Don't start your day until it is finished on paper.” —Jim Rohn

If you plan to write an article tomorrow, assume that the first step will be drafting, brainstorming, or mindmapping.

The cool thing is that you can do this away from the computer. Take a notebook and a pencil, your phone, or your voice recorder, and let your brain go free and build your text skeleton.

Kill The Internal Editor

And, oh, when you start your draft, assume it's going to suck first.

“If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.” —Elmore Leonard

The real writer in you will shine when you edit your draft. Drafting and editing are two totally different jobs.

Make Productivity a Habit

When you sit everyday in front of the computer you should know exactly what you are going to do. If you do this frequently, everytime you sit down in front of your computer you'll go into productive mode.

You'll be creating a powerful habit: not to spend unproductive time in front of a screen. Your back, your eyes and your mood will thank you later.

Are you going to keep on fooling yourself and take control of your time? Me, I learned my lesson.