Sometimes a woman who is pregnant and having complications will be required to go on bed rest. What should be a relaxing time can actually turn into a nightmare. The following tips will help you stay active while in bed and help relieve some of the boredom and stress associated with bed rest.

Stay Active.

bed restI know that this suggestion seems like it negates the purpose of bed rest but it really doesn't Pregnant women who stay in one position for a long period of time begin to experience pain. Pain in and of itself can cause your stress level to rise which is not good for you or your baby. Simply changing positions and exercising while in bed can relieve many of those aches and pains. A doctor orders bed rest for a pregnant woman so that she will keep pressure off her cervix and uterus. Many exercises and stretches can be done from the bed without exerting any pressure on your abdomen. Stretch your back and leg muscles often as these are the regions most commonly affected by pain in pregnant women.

Assemble a Work Station.

If you are going to be in bed for any length of time you will need to have some things handy. One of the worst parts about being on bed rest is that you need to repeatedly ask your spouse or others for help. Because you feel so needy and helpless you may begin to feel guilty and this doesn't help your stress level at all. Think of the things you most commonly use during your day. You need all these things next to you and within reach. Plan for emergencies in this space too as you will never know when you might need a tissue, or anything not commonly by your bed. You should have a pitcher of something to drink near your bed as well as snacks for you to consume between meal times. The snacks actually serve a dual purpose and can keep your sugar level up so that you don't become moody.

Be Productive.

high risk womenI know that this tip also sounds ludicrous but you actually can be productive from the bed. Think of something you have always wanted to do. If you wanted to go back to school part time here's your chance. Maybe you always wanted to learn to sew, maybe an online business is on your horizon. Sewing, knitting, polymer clay crafts, graphic design, and any number of other things have a slew of free online resources to get you started.

Join A Group.

There are thousands of online groups on the web dedicated to high risk pregnancies. These groups are filled to the brim with other women just like you. Many women in these groups post a daily journal, and outcomes of their pregnancies. These women face the same fears and there is a unity in these groups that you may not find elsewhere.

Stop Worrying About Money.

highriskpregnancyStress over money is only going to make your condition worse. I know that things seem bleak right now. Many women who are on bed rest have to leave their jobs early to comply with doctors orders. You may not have been in a position financially to loose the extra income. You may be reading this and wondering if everything you have heard about passive income online is a myth. I am here to tell you it certainly isn't and I started my online career in a very similar situation. I faced six months of bed rest and being a person that cannot simply sit without doing anything, I turned a negative into a positive.

Work from Home.

bed trayYour job may offer you an opportunity to do some work from home. If this is not a possibility consider starting a passive income opportunity online. There is no better time to start an online business as you have the time of your bed rest to devote to working from home. Try opportunities that require no money to start as they have little risk involved. As with any online business you will net a return based on the time and effort you put forth. Info Barrel is a great opportunity to start a passive income. The best part is you already have a niche. The best advice I can give to anyone pursuing an online career is to write what you know. High risk pregnancy is a perfect writing topic.

Being classified as a high risk patient is stressful all on its own. Eliminating stress and the guilt associated with being in bed can drastically change your outlook and stress level. I know that it is hard to stay calm with so many fears about your health and the health of your child. Staying busy while in bed and keeping your mind off things can help the time fly.

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