I recall watching a movie the other day.   I noticed the mother was not aware of her surroundings and a man approached her and her daughter and ushered them quickly into her car; telling the mother to do as he says.  

Photo credit: dantada from morguefile.com

I also recall serving jury duty in a rape and car jacking case.   The rape victim claimed that when she got into her unlocked car, the assailant was lying on the floor of the back of the car.  After she sat behind the driver’s seat, he held a sharp object to her neck.   He then had her drive to an abandoned place and raped her.  He then attempted to take her to several friends to rape her.   She fought back and ran to neighbors.   This is just an example.  Be aware of your surroundings.  I do not know why she did not lock her car.  I do not know why she did not check the back of her car before getting in.   This is something that we can all make it a point to do.

I recall some days shopping at 12 and 1 o’clock at night in the grocery store with my daughter.  It is nice that stores afford customers 24-hour service.  Time does not necessarily matter though, because there has been on the news cases of kidnapping women from parking areas in broad daylight.   It is important to become aware of your surroundings.    Assailants are watching you and anyone that might be an easy prey or victim.

According to Jo Brielyn of Yahoo Voices, children should avoid walking directly beside (or parking near) large vans in a parking lot when alone.   I agree.   This brings to my remembrance of a scene in Silence of the Lambs.  The assailant pretended he needed help pushing a couch into a van and asked an unsuspecting young woman for help.   That was a big mistake, because he pushed her in the van and took her and held her captive.  
She was trying to help him.  Instead, she ended up becoming a victim.

Deborah-Diane of Inforbarrel.com mentions that you should use caution when using the ATM.  Be aware of the place that you may choose.    Attempt to use ATM’s that have enough lighting in the evening.  If using an ATM in the evening when shopping, it is important that there is sufficient lighting. 

So again, remember, it is okay to shop, but beware.  [4378][4379]