Las Vegas Strip

It is all too common for people to go to Las Vegas thinking that they are going to change their lives only to come back a couple of thousand dollars poorer. There are strategies for playing all the games in Vegas and there are some games or bets that you should stay away from. You may already know the sucker bets and the right strategy, but you are likely to come out feeling empty from the trip unless you do a lot more to enjoy it. Here are some tips that will help your Vegas vacation become one of the best ever.

Use A Player’s Club Card

A player’s card used at a casino can help you win even if you are losing. Every time you place a bet or you sit at a table you will be accumulating points which can be exchanged for souvenirs, shows, food, future room discounts or other bets. The good news is that you do not even have to win to accumulate those points, but if you do get on a streak the points can accumulate faster. Keep in mind that when you are at a table game the amount of points that you get will depend on how long you are there and how much your bets are. You can get a good amount of chips however and play small bets, but still accumulate a good amount of points.

Budget Yourself

This one is really important. You need to make sure that you set up a budget and that you stick to it no matter what. If you have a budget of 300 dollars a day for playing then there is no “one last pull” after you reach that limit. That way you will ensure that you have the money that you need to enjoy the rest of your vacation. Being responsible with your money feel a little inconvenient at first, but not being able to pay your mortgage is a lot more of an inconvenience.

Know The Games

There are games where you will have a better chance of winning than others, but the house always has the advantage even if it is just by a few decimal points. The best games to learn are black jack, casino poker, video poker and craps. While those games give you the best chance of winning you also have to know how to play them to stand a chance. You will not win unless you have the right strategy. Some slot machines will pay back a very nice percentage, but there really is no strategy there. A machine can go weeks without paying a decent amount but unless you are there 24/7 you will never know which one it is.

Plan To Get Out

Las Vegas is a wonderful city with many things to do besides gambling. You can catch a great concert or theater production, magic shows, imitators, showgirls, dance club etc. You can also take helicopter rides, head to Hoover Dam, the Red Rock Canyon or Lake Mead. The city is a great spot for shopping and people watching. You can even enjoy free displays like the Fountains at the Bellagio or the Volcano at the Mirage. You do not want to miss all of those things if you decide to spend all of your time seating in front of a slot machine or a poker table. Heading outside is a good way to clear your mind and really enjoy a lot of the things that Vegas has to offer.

Easy On The Booze

The drinks in the Casino while you are playing are free, but that is a double-edged sword. Sure the drinks are free, but if you drink a little too much it is possible to forget the rules you have made for yourself. Have a drink or two, but keep in mind that you can also have some water for free so that you do not start thinking that splitting Qs is a good idea. Keep track of the drinks you are having and cut yourself off if necessary.