Whether you are a writer or a blogger, you want to have the best content for your readers.

There are rather easy tactics to follow to be a better writer believe it or not. Regardless of how well you can write there is always room for improvement. In addition, you want to sharpen your skills that you have to drive more traffic to your blog or site and have readers want to become members of your community and hear what else you have to say.

The ability to write captivating content is nearly every writer’s goal every time they sit before the computer before their fingers touch any keys.

Follow these strategies and become a better writer.

  • Clear and concise

When writing any content, be as clear and concise as possible. Readers don’t enjoy long drawn out stories, examples, articles or blog posts. Keep it short and sweet


Typically the longer you write, the more you drive readers away. Their attention is lost in the long-winded, elaborate or tortuous content

Readers have advised they enjoy articles that are simple and to the point. Really it saves you time-you won’t have to explain what you have just written. It’s a definite win for the reader and writer


  • Shorter line lengths are easier to read

Believe it or not, readers advise that shorter lines are easier to read. People typically read longer lines faster. Faster reading doesn’t mean they absorb the content better or more information is enjoyed. They simply read them faster.

Readers have been studied and the result is longer lines are read faster with less information absorbed.

Shorter lines are better absorbed content for your readers. Keep sentences short and paragraphs between 3 and 4 sentences.

100 characters is optimal for speed but 45 is better for comprehension


  • Three is a number that achieves the best results

Use the number 3 as often as possible when you are writing. For example, if you have content covering different types of dinosaurs use three. Bullet point 3. Discuss 3 strategies for why they are extinct. 3, three, III. Readers enjoy 3.

It seems to be just enough. Not too much and not too little. This will look great to the eye and readers will remember what your content contained better


  • Tone is important for writing content

Tone can change depending on the audience you are writing for. For example, copy writing tone is different from blog tone.

Readers should be able to pick your tone from the content written. Was this humor? Was this serious? Are you talking about me? Are you talking to me? What about at me? All of these questions should be answered immediately through the first paragraph of your content.


  • Make certain you stay on topic

This is important to not losing your readers interest. There may be another post or article found within a paragraph or statement. Jot the thought down and make it a separate article. Don’t stray from your topic for 2 or 3 paragraphs on another subject and then jump back in. stay on point and complete the task at hand.


These are excellent points that will make you a better writer. If you cannot follow all of them each time you write content, follow as many as possible to achieve the best results.