Becoming a successful cat urine stain remover takes a little bit of hard work and determination. A quality cat urine stain remover combined with your dedication will have your carpet looking like new. If you follow this process, as I did, you will soon be a successful cat urine stain remover.

Stay away from the average pet odor eliminators and pet stain removal products. Cat urine is extremely potent, as I'm sure you know from the awful smell. Cats urinate to mark their territory permanently. You are going to need a cat urine stain remover that is powerful, and designed specifically for eliminating cat urine stains.

Remove cat urine stains from carpetcat urine stain remover

  1. Pull your carpeting all the way back so you can see how much cat urine there is. It is a pain in the butt to pull the carpet, I know, eliminating cat urine is not a fun job.
  2. Take a good look at the carpet padding and the bare floor. Cat urine stains tend to penetrate deep, and you are going to have to remove all of it.
  3. Start removing the awful stain from the underside of the carpet. This is where the odor tends to settle.
  4. Pour a quality cat urine stain remover directly onto the stain. Using a spray bottle will not eliminate all of the cat urine as well as pouring it directly.
  5. Use a scrub brush to work the cat urine stain remover into the carpet thoroughly. It helps to press hard and use circular motions to get down deep into the stain.
  6. Keep your cat or kitten out of the room while you are busy with the cat urine stain removal process. It going to take several hours and maybe even several days to remove the stain.

Prevent repeat markings

Find a cardboard box that you can flatten out and place over the area where you removed the cat urine stain. This way you will be able to notice if your cat returns to its old ways. If your cat sprays on the cardboard repeat the cat urine stain removal process.

Cleaning pet stains takes a fair amount of work, stick with it and your home will be odor free.