Travelling is enjoyable, however very tiring and can turn out to be chaotic at times if you are not well prepared for the travel with necessary items like a travel cot mattress. Normally travelling involves multi modal travel and requires that we pack things which are light and are easily transportable.

If you are travelling with babies and infants, a lot more attention to details has to be given while preparing the travel. Infants tend to sleep most of the time and do not wait for you to reach a hotel room and find a bed to sleep, and a shared bed at that. They need to be able to enjoy sleeping while travelling. Many times babies often get tired and become cranky due to the heat, noise and due the strain of travelling. They need proper good and comfortable sleeping arrangements and cot mattress to be able to wake up with a refreshing smile.

Travel kids cot is the answer to your needs. These cots come in various sizes and designs. More importantly the travel cots are easily foldable and packed in a nice carry case. They normally weigh very less and can be easily carried by a person. Design variations include cots which can become cribs. Many designs are meant to be fitted with mosquito nets to keep the insects away. You can hang a few danglers to keep the child engaged.

Travel cots need good travel mattress which has to be bought separately. Most of the mattresses are made out of foam and are very light weight and are covered with an outer cover of fabric, mesh or any other material with printed designs. Such mattresses are designed to enable air circulation and control moisture while the baby is sleeping. They also keep the top surface cool and dry and soft . These can be easily washed and dried as per the instructions given with the product. There has been a lot of innovation in this area and manufacturers have now improvised the product by using micro fiber which has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which make it safe for babies and protect them from any infections. Experimental research is also being conducted in using foam obtained from natural substances like caster, soya bean and sunflower oil seeds.

Well, if you have chosen the right travel cot matresss for your baby, you are still missing one essential travel item, a fitted cot sheet. A bigger store will offer you the best choice of travel mattress and cot sheets all in one set thereby freeing your time from having to look for the best fit and shop for things separately. You would only need to choose the design, color and the material that one likes. Cot fitted sheets simply mean the top sheets of a cot which are fitted exactly to the mattress with elastic all around to ensure the right fit. It is easier to manage with a fitted cot sheet than a simple sheet which means you would have to make the bed every time and the sheets can get wrinkled or crumpled every time the baby turns in the bed. Well, if your shopping is over, you are now ready to go travelling with your little one tucked in snugly in the travel cot mattress.