Credit: TheAngryTeddy at Pixabay.com

YouTube is extremely popular and continues to grow every single day. One idea for your YouTube videos is to commentate. By adding commentary, you are giving your videos a unique feeling by including your own thoughts, opinions, and comments. 

Have a Good Microphone

This may seem unimportant, but having a good quality microphone will greatly help your videos. It will allow your viewers to easily understand you and will assist in getting your point through.

The best mics go for several hundred, if not thousands of dollars. This can be a great investment, but if you don’t have that kind of money just laying around, use the microphone on your laptop, your webcam, or even your mobile device. You can also use the mic you get in the game Guitar Hero – just hook it up via USB. You can start off using these mics, but as you get more subscribers, you’ll want to purchase a more advanced and better quality microphone.

Utilize Editing Software

For commentary, you may want to add photos, sound effects, video clips, subtitles, and your voice – duh! This is done using editing software. You can use something like Windows (Live) Movie Maker or iMoive, which might work for your uses, or you can purchase a professional tool. The one most widely used and best editing software is Sony Vegas Pro. You can edit your voice, sound effects, and other audio clips using the free software Audacity.

Write a Script or Have Notes

Professional commentators rarely record without some sort of help. Notes can help keep you on track and make sure you cover all the points you wanted to hit. You can choose to write a few words with bulleted format, or a full length script.

Use These Speaking Tips

Find three or four popular commentators on YouTube. What’s something they all have in common? They all talk clearly and you can easily understand them. How do they do this?

These commentators:

  • Have controlled, steady breathing (Don’t suffocate yourself trying too hard at this!)
  • Do not stutter, or say “Umm…” a lot
  • Open their mouth wide and moving it more than normal speech requires
  • Speak with confidence

That last one is important. If you doubt that anyone will enjoy your work or subscribe to you, it shows through the tone and overall quality of the video. This can turn away many viewers and subscribers.

Listen to your commentary multiple times before you post it. If it sounds unpleasant or is undecipherable, redo the audio for that part, or the entire thing again. It may sound like a pain now, but it pays off.

Be Yourself

It may seem obvious, but this is serious. If someone wanted to watch whoever, they would watch them. If someone wants to watch you, they will watch you. The key is not to copy the style of others – it’s to create your own unique style that others will love.

Careful study and usage of these tips will help you grow your YouTube channel and start the path to being a great commentator.