Tips for airline travel

It’s the holiday season and I bet everyone is planning to get out of the country. Travelling by air can be disastrous if one does not have proper planning prior to that. Whether it’s a long flight or short flight, one needs to prepare adequately for the travel.


Liquid-Aerosols and Gels (LAG) restrictions apply to most of the countries. Therefore I would strongly advise all travelers to check in their baggage and toiletries. If in any case you need your medication onboard, or if you are travelling with a budget airline which does not have any baggage allowance, one would advise to get a transparent (20cm x 20cm) Ziploc bag and pack your liquid into bottles of not bigger than 100ml.The maximum allowance for an individual is 1 litre which means 10 bottles of 100ML. One can get the travel kit of most departmental store, supermarket or simply order through online.

Does that means purchase of alcohol or any liquid item is not allowed at the duty-free shops? It is allowed, provided one will be terminating the flight at the destination, if it is merely a transit station it’s advisable to purchase your duty-free item over there instead. Do not tamper the sealed bag with the alcohol as it could be deemed as a “security” breach hence it would be confiscated by the customs.

Check-In Early

Check in at least 2 hours before your flight departure.  Reason is to give time allowance for traffic jams on the way to the airport, shopping, and queue forming at the check in counter not to forget the “friendly” security-screening officers. Some countries have very strict security screening. If one is held up at the security counter, they will not hesitate to check every part of your body not to mention your bag. So it is best to compromise, be a good person and remove any single metallic item which will trigger the metal detector.

Most major airlines allows passenger to do internet check in at least 36 hours before the flight departure. It is recommended to do that as it saves time and hassle, seat selection can also be done personally. Save the trouble!

Recommended Items onboard

Make use of your free 20KG baggage allowance and check in most of your baggage. Do not attempt to bring everything onboard, why the hassle?

Carry a backpack with your essentials, maybe your winter jacket and your kindle, period.

  1. Empty water bottle.(fill it up before you get onboard, or whilst in the aircraft)
  2. Mouth Mask, eyemask, earplugs and lip balm
  3. Comfortable beanie pillow
  4. Magazines,books,ipods whatever that kills your boredom
  5. Motion sickness pills to fall asleep.

It is worth mentioning to move one’s small, tiny buttocks into the aisle upon arriving at your seat, because there are always more passengers behind and it is an obstruction. It is quite inconsiderate if the rest have to wait while one unpacks the bag and take a seat.

Deep Vein thrombosis (DVT)

To manage the risk of DVT complications, one is advised to move around every 3-4 hours on a long-haul flight, allow your blood to flow in your body and not restricted to the “wonderful” window seat.

Drink a lot of water onboard the aircraft and abstain from having alcoholic beverages or caffeine. These two items dehydrates our body real fast with help from the dry cabin air.

With these tips, one could be considerably well-equipped to enjoy the well-deserved holiday and usher in the New Year with gusto!