Just the thought of getting in the kitchen can sometimes be discouraging to the beginning cook. Then come the myriad of utensils, pots, pans, skillets with all those spices, you begin to doubt yourself. My guidance can help you become a fearless and great cook by following some simple tips.

1. Practice with something basic until you get comfortable with a detailed menu item. Starting small will give you a good foundation for complicated recipes in the future.

2. Pay attention to other cooks when they are preparing anything to emulate their activities. People who do things well will be happy to share their techniques with you if you seem interested.

3. Go by taste. If you like a certain flavor, use that seasoning or spice. If you don't care for it, change the next time you concoct that item. Some principles are easily learned by taste. Some cooks go by taste alone, making things up as they go along sampling the dishes they prepare. Try that idea and see if you want to journal your additions as you try out the food you are preparing.

4. Use a low heat so the food does not get out of hand. The higher the heat, the greater the risk to ruin the entire batch of food. Slow cooking relieves the need to be concerned, hense more fun and a better end result in food preparation too.

5. Relax and enjoy your time in the kitchen and have some fun. Anything is more interesting when you can put happiness into it. Cooking is no exception for that ingredient.

6. Know you will improve with experience, so start experimenting. Start small with generally easy to do menu items. Expand on those before diving into something intricate.

7. Start early in life to gain cooking confidence. Offer to help someone who is cooking. You can learn so much by watching and doing with an experienced cook.

Things You Will Need

Bring your willingness to discover the techniques that all beginner cooks learn, but often times don't share with others because; 1. it is so simple.

2. They have been around the kitchen so long they don't remember what it is like to be new.

3, Some cooks never measure so they cannot give you details. You can pick up those skills to be a fearless cook of the future


Tips & Warnings