Keep your dog happy and healthy


If you are an informed dog owner you will know what to avoid.

If the worst happens you will know what to do.


Your dog could be very ill or die.

Expensive vet bills.

Full Review

All too many people decide to become a dog owner without giving the subject proper consideration. When you consider that, if you take a puppy into your home, it may live with you as an adult dog for up to 20 years and so some animal knowledge is a good idea.

If you have no idea how to care for a dog, what its needs may be or how to handle such a pet you could be in for a bumpy ride. In a worse case scenario you may have to part company with your pet. Conducting a little research and carrying out some forward planning would be a sensible approach. This way you should be able to find a dog that will fit into your household easily.

Apart from the many possible pitfalls this article is written in order to share a little knowledge with regard to harmful substances that could hurt your pet, or worse still kill it.

I have learned over the years that the substances below can be harmful to dogs. This list is not exhaustive. Over the years ingredients can vary in some items and so, what was harmful may now be safe, or the reverse could be true.

Here is a list of everyday foods that are not suitable for dogs, in any circumstances or amounts:-




White Bread


Never give a dog medication that is manufactured for use by humans. If for example, you break a pain killing medication into a tiny piece, the amount given will be hard to determine. It is far better to consult a veterinarian so that your dog receives appropriate treatment.

Be especially careful in your garden. These are many plants or garden bulbs which could be poisonous to a dog, without even thinking about the harmful chemicals which may be around also.

Some dogs will chew anything so make sure that yours does not get its teeth into any wax candles, soap, cigarette or cigar ends, cut flowers or matches.

Always make sure that cleaning fluids are kept well away from your dog. If a dog sees bleach or the like he will not know how dangerous it is and ingesting even a small amount could be disastorous for your dog's health and well being.

In Closing

Of course there is so much more to being a responsible dog owner. Ensuring that your dog is safe though should be one of your prime objectives.

If, god forbid, you think that your dog has ingested an unsafe subsatnce remember time could be of the essence. Your dog will need to be taken to the vets at once. If possible have someone phone the vet with the details whilst you drive your dog to the surgery.

If this is not possible just try and get to the vet's as quickly as you can, within the bounds of safe driving of course. If it is out of hours call your veterinarian's surgery as there will be an emergency service.

If you know what your dog has eaten, or drunk, try to take a sample with you for analysis by the vet. Above all try to stay calm.

Perhaps as part of being a sensible dog owner you ought to compose an emeregency plan for such situations. If you check out emergency phone numbers, and the like, now this could save no end of time in an emergency.

Of course if it is possible do not let your beloved pet eat and drink harmful substances in the first place. As always prevention is better than the cure.