As Software experts get more creative and uptight with their latest inventions, so do hackers and cybercriminals.

Just when we thought that mass mailing viruses are the worst, someone creates fake antivirus software with a nature that uses fear and paranoia as their best weapons.

With the widespread news about damages done by viruses, worms, and Trojans, even regular users have become aware of the importance of owning an antivirus software to defend their files and gadgets.

Scareware uses this against us, which makes even opting for free antivirus solutions quite the difficult task.

From ancient times to modern days, wise sayings admonish us to know the adversary in order to defeat them, and that is exactly what we are about to do. 

The Purpose of Scareware

Scareware implies methods that include using people’s fear of hackers and cyber criminals to get what they want out of you, or for a virus to be able to infiltrate at a better speed.

They may force you to purposely approve of something you normally wouldn’t approve of or give information that you think is necessary to solve the issue scareware has imposed on you.

Whatever method is used o you, their aim is for you to react out of fear.

Attack Strategies

Many of their tactics are similar to the behavior of spyware, which are the annoying pop-ups in internet advertisements that appear whenever you enter certain websites. Instead of fake jobs and lottery results, however, scareware uses a more realistic approach. It interrupts you with prompts warning you that your computer is being threatened by a virus, or worse, that something has gone wrong in your overall security system.

The varieties of this will usually come from an antivirus viewpoint. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish scareware from the authentic alerts because even their designs are almost identical.

You may think that is simply safer not to entertain any of those prompts when you are surfing the internet, but real antivirus protection are more active during those times because it is when you are most at risk.

The Consequences

The instant you click that fake security message, you have become the scammer’s next victim.

One of the most dangerous consequences you may experience may happen when you let yourself become fooled into giving your financial information.

Cyber criminals will use this to either steal from you or worse, to sell it on to other criminals.

A ransomeware program sounds surreal, but it is true, and it does happen. Hackers may completely handicap or disable your computers, forcing you to pay for them to ‘release’ it from its current state. You have to be extra careful with this ransomware being a downloadable attack against you.

Another dangerous thing you can download are tracking software. These target your overall computer security and leaves your information vulnerable enough for theft and manipulation by scammers and hackers.

A Solution for You

Your first step is always putting up a good (and this is only so if it can truly defend you) antivirus software that is easy to use and receives regular updates. An antivirus that is only in your computer as an accessory prepares you for more trouble than if you have none at all, because you are confident it will protect you anyway.

For those of you who like to use the internet but are without the proper skills to utilize these kinds of software, you should know that there exists a Cloud antivirus.

This latest innovation is highly recommended for any age and any background because it is less user reliant and has centralized management.

It automatically updates its virus signature directory so it doesn’t miss out on the newest viruses after you have installed it. All you have to do for this to work is to keep a good instant connection going, and you can perform your job smoothly while it does its own.

Cloud antivirus features more benefits that lightens the load both on you and your computer, making it highly efficient.

In a real case scenario, if you run across what you think is a scareware, close the prompt using the x button on the upper right side of the box. No matter how important your online reading material is, close your browser also and then make use of your antivirus by scanning your system. An early detection is easier to handle.

Most importantly, bother to learn about the new strategies used by scammers to lure users into their traps. The best cloud antivirus protection mean nothing if you are ignorant of your own actions. Knowledge is power, and it is available for free in the web.