Everyone knows that most people in America don't get enough exercise. Our society offers many different ways to get it, including gym memberships, exercise videos, buying lots of equipment for use at home, or spending significant time on such activities as jogging, running, or bicycling. Significant time. And what is everyone's most convenient excuse for not exercising? Probably lack of time and money. Fortunately, we can all get at least the minimum daily requirement of exercise without squeezing it into our busy schedules or buying a gym membership or lots of equipment.

It doesn't intense activity over long stretches of time to get enough exercise. Moderately intense activity, which makes our bodies only slightly out of breath and doesn't cause us very much sweat, provides at least the minimum daily requirement of exercise. The Surgeon General recommends accumulating thirty minutes of that kind of activity every day. In other words, you can split that thirty minutes into ten-minute segments or less and still get health benefits.

All you need to do is move energetically enough to raise your heart rate for as little as five minutes at a time several times a day and do it often enough to add up to at least half an hour. Anyone can easily accomplish that while doing other things. At home, for example, march from room to room instead of simply walking. Or do walking lunges. Or just march in place while you wait for the water to boil. Do calisthenics during the commercial breaks of your television shows.

Walk or take a bicycle to work if you can. If you must drive, pick a parking place far enough away from your work place that you have to walk five minutes in both directions. Some of the things you can do at home would look really weird at work, but the work place offers ample other opportunities to add moderately intense activity to your day. Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. If you have more than one restroom or drinking fountain at work, don't go to the closest one. Pick up or carry something fairly heavy every chance you get.

It doesn't take very much effort or imagination in order transform whatever you do at work, home, or elsewhere into a health benefit. Just consciously be a little more strenuous and active. It will not take much if any more time to do it a little more strenuously.