It always baffles and disturbs me when I see the way that some parents treat their kids. They yell at them in public, they swear at them, give them no patience, they embarrass them and talk to them with no respect. Granted sometimes a parent might just have a bad moment and explode on their child only to apologize later and make up, but usually something tells you that this is a regular occurrence. I am writing this in the hopes that this might reach someone somewhere on the far reaches of the other side of the world wide web and maybe change their attitude towards parenting. It is a long shot but anything can happen, right?

What goes around comes around

Call it what you will, "sowing and reaping", "what goes around comes around" but never has there been a more true statement than in the context of child rearing. Parents complain that their kids "have no respect for them", or "they don't listen to me" or "they're angry". I wonder if they have any concept of the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Just because they are kids doesn't exempt them from this rule. They may take all of your bad attitudes and still manage to cope and have a smile on their face, but one day your child will start to grow up, and what goes around comes around. They will project back all of the same attitudes and behaviours right back on you.

I am certain that if you asked a parent that behaves like this, how they felt their parenting skills were they would probably tell you that they love their kids and they have a good family. I am sure that unless they really examine themselves closely that they would really believe these statements to be true. Maybe they are mimicking how their parents treated them and they just don't know any other way.


One of the cornerstones to any good relationship is respect. When you respect someone it has a duplicating effect. When someone respects you it is almost impossible not to respect them back. It is a reciprocal law of human nature. So if you want your kids to respect you, love you, listen to you, then you must take the first step. Give the things to your kids that you would like them to give to you.

Seeing your faults and changing your attitudes and behaviours is one of the hardest things that a person can take on, but if this article can challenge one person to take that challenge, then it will be a raving success.