And be invited back again

If you've ever hosted guests you will know it's sometimes not easy having another person at your home.   Or perhaps it's your first time to stay at someone elses home, or perhaps you're not being invited back and wondering why.

Here are some very simple steps to being the perfect houseguest.

Treat the host's home with the most respect.   Do you throw your shoes off when you walk in the door at home?    Not in the host's home if you are to be invited back.  Feet over the sofa, not in the guests home unless mentioned by the host.     This is their home and it's their rules you need to follow.

Don't leave your toiletries all over the bathroom.  In  a shared bathroom your host doesn't need to see your toothbrush, razor, brand of styling products!    When you've finished using the bathroom pack up your toiletries and put them to the side, or better still, place them with your other belongings.    Have a bathroom to yourself ? Keep your toiletries out, but make sure they are kept neat. 

Great guests take their hosts to dinner or lunch. Ask your host for some suggestions - they will know where to visit. Don't be afraid to let them know your budget. You don't want to go to a restaurant that you cannot afford.

Guests that are  invited back don't intrude on the host's life. Need to use the host's internet? Ask for permission first. This isn't the time to do lots of printing either. If you printing a lot, replace the paper, or if the toner is getting low buy a replacement. Forward your home phone calls to your cell phone.

Great guests pick up after themselves. Towels are off the bathroom floor, return plates and cups to the kitchen, or better still place them in the dishwasher. Remove your laundry immediately from the washing machine/dryer.

Great guests don't watch television at high volumes, even if it is in the guest room. Just because you love mega-hard-rock-channel-of-choice doesn't mean your host does. Only one TV in the house, the host controls the remote when they are home! This may be the week to skip TV all together.

The day you leave strip the bed and take the sheets to the laundry room. If there are spare guest sheets  remake the bed with fresh sheets.

After you arrive home send a thank you note and perhaps a gift basket or flowers. You've imposed on their life for the past day, week, or month, taking this little step will show the host how much they are appreciated.

Follow these steps and other common house manners and you will be invited back. Just remember, this isn't your home, it's the host's home and you've been fortunate enough to stay.