Whether you are looking at finishing off your beach cottage at the coast, or you simply want a beach themed room to come back to after a day at the office, the general concept is the same. You don't want a lot of clutter in your room.


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You want to replace this with an open space, where you can simply relax, surrounded by the colors of the ocean and the white sand. This is your oasis of serenity.

Finding Beach Inspired Bedroom to Suit Your Style

Obviously you have to decide on a couple of things before you get started. Budget will surely come into play, but you can get around this because it is not necessary to do a complete remodel, as you will find out.

Kids rooms are going to be fun and a little more colorful, while a more mature person will be looking for something a lot more subtle.

Have a look at these ideas:

  • Since you are dealing with a beach cottage, the chances are that things are on the smallish side. This means that you choose the appropriate paint color for the walls. You are not limited to white, but don't go for anything to bright. This will make you feel boxed in. Cool colors are going to work well.
  • Use basic blinds or curtains - nothing striking with too many bold and busy patterns. Ths is just really simple.
  • Choosing beach bedding is a personal thing, so this should be up to you. This will depend on the style you are going for. If you are looking for something elegant, then white will be a good choice. However, for the fun and funky appeal, then have a look for a splash of color. Bear in mind that, you don't want to clash with the color of the walls - simply complement.

Be careful of quilts. They are beautiful and they can work, but often they are very busy, and this just spoils the whole look. Often you just have to  put a new bedspread on, and it immediately transforms the whole bedroom around - amazing!

  • Having a look at the flooring - typically you will find something made of hardwood. If you are on a budget, this may be a problem. One thing that you can do, is to get yourself a throw, which you can pick up easily so all of the sand can be dusted off.

Accessorize Your Beach Bedroom

Apart from the colors that we have talked about, when you are looking at adding in the essentials as well as a little interest into your coastal bedroom, you also want to think of natural materials. This means that you should go for things like bamboo, woven baskets and  creative wall art made on canvas.

beach accessories

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Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Firstly, start right at the beach, because this is going to cost you nothing at all. Go and collect yourself some nice sea shells. Sea sand mixed with a mixture of shells off the beach in a nice, tall glass jar with a cork top is also attractive in a unique sort of way.
  • If you are someone who does not get too fussed by little noises, then a wind chime can be a nice idea.
  • Simple framed and boxed canvases on the wall, will break up the space. There are a lot of ideas for wall art that you could include here. You may want to find some fun typography, which you can stencil on in an attractive way. The trick is just to be simple here, because this is what the beach style is all about.tropical bedroom
  • If you have space for other furniture, then make sure you use light wood or something like a wicker chair. For light wood or even a slightly colored wood - paint it, and then sand it down slightly, so that you have that certain texture, which is very beachy.
  • You could even have fun decorating your own cushions. Stencil yourself nice bright yellow or blue starfish and stamp this on a plain white cushion.

How about Beach Bedroom Decor for Kids?

Parents are always looking for something new for their kids' rooms. A beach theme bedroom for kids can work for all ages. Little children will love looking at the waves painted on the walls.

Older children and teenagers may enjoy a surfer's theme. They may even have taken up the sport of surfing, so this would be the perfect way to begin. There is plenty you can do here.

You can look for a couple of wall decals of surfers, or you can paint this on yourself. Stick some fishing net on one section of the wall, and find a surfboard which you can park in the corner. Typography is always fun for older kids, but let them get involved and do the choosing.

kids beach bedroom decor

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Colors are going to be brighter here, and obviously there will be a difference between what you do for girls and what you do for boys. Girls will probably love bright pink flowers, painted on the walls, which you find in Hawaii. While boys will want to stick to blues and greens, typically with the inclusion of surfers on the walls. 

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