Beach crafts are fun for kids in the summer months, and make great memories during the rest of the year. Here is one that would actually be butterfly crafts, but is made from clam shells you find at the beach.

If your kids love to collect shells, then get them to collect the open clam shells that are still attached, the next time you are at the sea shore. This will give them something to do, and stop you from getting buckets full of shells! Tell them the two sides still need to be attached and then they can make a butterfly magnet for the fridge or their room. They will spend the afternoon looking for this specific shell and be so excited when they find it, and then look forward to their beach crafts making day!

If you absolutely cannot find clam shells still attached, you can glue two together for this project, but it is easier to find two together, because both sides will be the exact same size for the butterfly, to make it more authentic.

Things You Will Need

What you will need

open clam shell, still attached in the center and clean

magnet strip (you can get these in the craft stores)

wiggly eyes

pipe cleaner for the body


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Step 1

1. Take your cleaned out and dry clam shells, being careful not to pull them apart, and with newspapers spread out on the table, paint the insides of these shells with paints. Acrylic paints work well for shells. You can make a rainbow of colors on the inside of the shells. Let it dry. (You can also varnish these shells to protect the paint and give it a shine)

2. Attach the magnet strip to the back of this shell where the two sides meet with some craft glue

3. Then twist a pipe cleaner to size, and glue in the center between the shells on the front (to cover the magnet strip). Then attach googley eyes to the top of the pipe cleaner. These make really cute butterfly magnets

Beach crafts are fun, because you can find all kinds of neat bits of nature to use in your craft ideas. Butterfly crafts are just one idea. You can collect shells, and put them in a clear vase to decorate a room. Kids love this, because they are memories from a certain holiday or from the summer before, and will remember fun times.

Nothing like looking at a glass bowl of shells in the depths of winter. It takes you back. But you can also make all kinds of crafts from drift wood, smooth colorful bits of glass, and stones. The ideas are endless. The shore is a great place for your kids imagination.

Make sure to wear lots of sunscreen, as you can burn easily at the beach, and get some clean buckets to give your kids, so they can go treasure hunting, without using your picnic containers! You can get colorful buckets and beach supplies at the dollar store now.

Happy treasure hunting!

Tips & Warnings

you may turn back into a kid and cover your fridge with butterfly magnets!