Looking for different beach crafts for your kids this year?. Something to remind them of summer and all the fun? Here is a great graffiti beach towel that your kids, or yourself can make and really stand out at the beach this year!

If you have a teen that loves to spray paint, then they are going to love this beach craft. Just make sure they don't migrate from the project into your house!

Things You Will Need

Here is what you need:

A good sized cotton white towel. (you can usually find big bath sheets in pure white) If you can't find a white towel at your local discount store, you can check the craft supply stores such as Michaels. But I personally have found them at Wal-mart.

Contact Paper (for cutting out letters and shapes)

Spray Fabric Dye (check the craft supply store, you can get kid friendly fabric spray dyes there, in all kinds of colors)

Scissors (to cut out the letters from the contact paper)

lots of newspapers

large flat area to work on, such as a table.


Step 1

Wash your white towel to get rid of any starches and residues that might inhibit the spray fabric dye from sticking. Dry in the dryer, but do not use any dryer sheets or softeners when first doing this project, as this can prevent the dye from sticking too.

Once your towel is dry, you can iron it nice and flat, and then spread newspapers on the table for protection. I have found this a great project to do in a sheltered area outside, or in the garage. Although there is not much over spray, there is some, and depending on how excited your kids are to do this project, you could easily end up with fabric dye somewhere you don't want it to be, or graffiti on the wall!

If you do this outside, just make sure you are in a sheltered area, without any wind, you don't want your kids clothes looking tie dyed!. Best wear an apron..

Decide on what shapes or letters you would like to have on your beach craft towel. You could have your name, or I love Summer, or something to do with the beach. Then draw out your letters or shapes on the contact paper, and cut them out carefully.

Now stick your letters to your towel, (peel off the backing from the contact paper) where you want your words or shapes to show. Remember they will show white when your project is done.

Take your spray fabric dye, and start with a few areas of one color first, then spray another color into the areas you left white, and just keep adding colors, until you get the colors and effects you are looking for. Make sure to spray over top of the letters you have stuck on, so that the dye does not get under the sides of the letters (unless you like that effect!). Try to stay away from any angle spraying for this reason. Now let your beach towel dry, you might want to take a paper towel and soak up any paint laying on the letters, so that it doesn't run underneath.

Let it sit until dry, and then peel off your letters carefully. You should see your words or shapes in white on the towel.

Follow the directions of the spray fabric dye for heat setting your work, or for washing and drying, as some companies differ. With the one I used, I had to iron it to retain the colors and set it. But you need to check the instructions.

This is fun beach crafts for ages 11 and up, but is also a great way to practice some graffiti art for yourself! You can create great beach towels this way. These spray fabric dyes are really neat to work with.

All you need is some creativity, and you could sell these creations online as a business.

But in the meantime, this is a great way for your kids to have their own personalized beach towel, and be able to find it at the beach. They are not likely to lose their special towel.

Tips & Warnings

you may get to like this too much and do all your towels this way!