Here is another great idea for some beach crafts. If your kids have brought home a bucket full of shells and other great treasures, and you are looking for a great craft to do that will incorporate these treasures, then try this craft. A beach wreath, makes a great craft and will use up lots and lots of little shells. You can also make this out of wood if you are handy with a saw, but heavy cardboard will also do the trick.

Things You Will Need

What you will need:

Heavy cardboard (big enough to cut out a wreath shape)


treasures from the beach such a shells etc.

bucket of dry sand

spray varnish

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Step 1

How to make it:

1. Take very heavy cardboard, and cut out a wreath shape. You can make this any shape you want actually, but you could use a large dinner plate as a template. You could also make a heart shape instead of a wreath. As long as you have enough shells to glue to it, you can do any shape you want.

2. Once you have cut out your wreath shape from the cardboard, coat it with craft glue, you may need to use a brush depending on how big your wreath is!

3. Cover your wreath with sand, and wait a few minutes until the glue is dry, then dump off the excess sand. Your project should look like a wreath of sandpaper!

4. Now take all those treasures from the beach, shells, worn glass, small stones etc, and now take your glue gun, or the clear glue of your choice, and glue these onto the sandy wreath.

5. Once everything stays put and is dry, you can then spray your project with a varnish (water based is best as it keeps any of the whites white)

6. Put a hanger on the back, and hang up your treasure! Make sure to date your project on the back when and where these treasures were from.

If you can't get to the beach, but you love beach crafts, you can get containers of shells and trinkets at the dollar store, to use on your wreath.

Your imagination is your limit. You can use this idea for anything. But the sand makes a great background on your wreath for shells. You can also try this project on small wooden boxes you can get at the dollar store or craft store as well. You can put glue on the lid of the wooden boxes and then put the sand on as above, and glue on your shells. This would make a great little trinket box for someone.

Kids can personalize their own wreath, or it can be a family project.

Beach crafts, are fun to do, because all the supplies are free at the beach, and kids just love collecting and digging for treasure. Before you head to the beach, why not treat your kids to colorful buckets for collecting their treasures in, you can put their names on them to keep them special for their very own treasures.

Then they can look forward to crafts day back at home when you turn all these treasures into great projects

Tips & Warnings

have fun