It´s that time of year again when the heat is on and most likely you are fantasizing about spending a refreshing, relaxing, and fun time at the beach. An excellent option for you to consider when planning your beach getaway would be the picturesque Costa Brava and specifically Tossa de Mar. Having just returned from a fabulous few days in this quaint Catalan village, I can assure you that you will be doing yourself a favor by visiting this popular town.

Tossa de Mar is located along the Costa Brava, about one and a half hours by bus from the capital city of Barcelona. Should you be spending some time in and around Barcelona, Tossa de Mar makes for an excellent beach getaway trip, as it is located fairly close by and in addition you will surely not have to spend a fortune. If you do not have your own transportation, then it is highly recommended to catch a bus from Estació del Nord in Barcelona. The prices are fairly reasonable and you should expect to pay about 22€ for a round trip ticket, per person.

When you arrive in Tossa de Mar, after having left your hotel, hostel, or apartments in Barcelona behind for the weekend, you will discover a small, but lively village, which offers many superb restaurants, spectacular views, an awesome castle situated directly next to the main beach and overlooking the Mediterranean, as well as some of the nicest waters in Cataluña. Tossa de Mar offers three beaches including La Platja Gran, or main beach located directly in front of the city center, La Mar Menuda, which is on the another side of the bay, and El Codolar, which is an intimate beach located behind the castle walls.

To avoid the crowds, it is highly recommend to pass your days on one of the smaller beaches, as the majority of visitors tend to accumulate on the main beach. Among the many beauties associated with Tossa de Mar is the fact that it lends itself to many activities. Thus, if you would like to do more than just lie in the sun all day and occasionally dip in the water to cool down, you are offered an array of activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, boat rides, jet skiing, cliff jumping, and more. In fact the last time I was there, my girlfriend and I took a boat tour, which allowed us to discover the many coves that line the Costa Brava and in addition, we had the opportunity to spend the entire day at one of the last beaches where the boat tour guided us. Also, we enjoyed an excellent time snorkeling and checking out the varieties of fish that live in this part of the Mediterranean.

As the southern part of the Costa Brava tends to be quite popular with tourists, I would encourage you to plan in advance where you would like reside. If you happen to be on a fairly tight budget, then I would suggest you stay at one of the many hostels, which are offered in Tossa de Mar. In fact, during our last trip we stayed in the perfect hostel, Hostel del Mar, located directly on the main beach and right next to the castle, which afforded us fantastic views and a very reasonable price, 22.50€ per night, per person. Actually, at this particular hostel (and perhaps at other hostels as well) they don´t take reservations, so we just called them when we arrived, enquiring as to whether they had vacancy, then simply showed up at their front door and picked up our keys. It was that simple.

In any case, I sincerely hope that you are able to pass some quality time this summer vacation at the beach and if you happen to be in and/or around Barcelona, then please take my recommendation to leave your Barcelona holiday apartments for a few days and enjoy the lovely Costa Brava and Tossa de Mar. I am sure you will not regret it. Everyone leaves Barcelona for the month of August anyway, so you won´t be missing much here in any case. Hasta la próxima!