Beach Theme Centerpiece

Why We Love Beach Theme Centerpieces:

One of the most eye catching centerpieces you can make for your home, event or wedding, is a beach theme centerpiece.  Nothing gives you creative license like combining many of the infinite elements of sandy beaches and coastlines into a little snapshot of your perfect getaway.  With the number of colors, sizes, and shapes of sea shells, the different shades of sands, and the vibrant colors of teal and blue characterized by the ocean, beach theme centerpieces give your table the relaxed feel of laying in the warm sun rays on the beach.  Nothing triggers an instant emotion of calmness and content like visualizing yourself in a tropical paradise.

Beach Theme Weddings:

The most common use of beach theme centerpieces is at the reception of a beach themed wedding.  Whether you have arranged a destination wedding in an exotic location like Hawaii or the Caribbean, or if you just want to convey a theme of warmth and comfort for your guests at your inland reception, beach theme centerpieces are fun and easy to make.  If you are having destination wedding, gathering the supplies to make your centerpiece is easy, fun, and mostly free.  Since you normally arrive a few days early to set up your beach themed decorations anyway, spending a few hours on the beach collecting supplies can be a fun way to relax, take a break from more monotonous wedding tasks, and even get a last minute tan.  

Beach theme centerpieces are also a great wedding favor for a few select guests (like parents, and grandparents) as a way of remembering not only your special day, but also the wonderful memories of the beach.  Those that usually live in colder climates will especially cherish your centerpieces.

How To Make A Beach Themed Centerpiece:

If you are having a beach theme wedding, then gathering supplies is easy.  Spend a few hours on the beach collecting a few buckets of sand, shells, and rocks.  You will need to purchase a trifle bowl, and a few candles, along with any other trinkets such as lounge chairs, or starfish.  If you are not having a destination wedding, but instead want to bring the beach theme wedding to you, you will need to order many of your supplies online.  As a base, you will want to purchase a few small bags of brown beach sand.  Additionally, you’ll want to find plenty of medium and small sea shells to mix into your centerpiece.  Finally, add a few large candles and optional personalized trinkets and you are ready to assemble your beach theme centerpiece.

Step 1 - Fill a medium sized bowl with about 1-2 pounds of brown beach sand. Use your hands to add some texture to the sand so it does not look to fake.

Step 2 - Insert a candle or votive holder into the center of your sand, and place the candle of your firmly into place.

Step 3 - Add sea shells of both small and medium sizes around the candle.  Try to mix shades of color so that it has detail and contrast.  Using brown sand, with many similar brown shells will look unprofessional and unappealing.  

Step 5 - Decorate the remaining space with miniature trinkets or place holders.  You can also decorate the outside of your bowl with ribbons, bows, and wire band.