When you are at the beach all day you might want to consider getting beach umbrellas to guard you from burning. Whether you live near a beach or visiting on a vacation it is a wise choice to prevent burning and have a small shelter while you are enjoying your day. You can relax and know you are doing your very best to have a good time and still be conscious about the damaging UV rays.

Living in a beach town I see a lot of people who come from out of town and find it is funny that they do not realize how badly the sun burns and how detrimental it is to your skin. As they play all day in the sun with their alabaster skin it is sad to think of how much pain they will be in at the end of the day. Yet it happens over and over again. Even on a cloudy day you can get a burn under the sun.

A simple <a href="http://beachumbrellaguide.com/beach-umbrella-time/">beach umbrella</a> will give you added protection from the harsh sun so you are smart to have one. If you are visiting from somewhere else and do not have one with you there are places you can get them. Most resorts or towns near a beach have them to rent or buy. They are inexpensive and worth the money to give you added protection.

You can even get them in a compact model that are easily transportable. The <a href="http://beachumbrellaguide.com">portable beach umbrella</a> is a great for most occasions. Not only the beach but for outdoor sporting events as well. Most models have a case so you can assemble it when you get to your nice beach spot in the sand or your childrens soccer game. They are good to have on hand in the car just in case you live near an area that has beaches. You never know when you might stop for awhile and you want to be prepared.

Beach umbrellas are made specially to dig into the sand well. They have a corkscrew ability to drill into the sand and stay put. They are larger than a normal umbrella and come in different sizes to cover between one and two persons. You can put up two for more coverage if you have a large group and plan to stay all day.

In traveling you will see a lot of resorts already have umbrellas set up for you that part of the condo. Grab a spot early to ensure you have protection from the sun. Grab two if there are a lot of you. Reading a book and falling asleep under an umbrella is much smarter than waking up fried when you don't have protection.

You can use beach umbrellas in other instances as well. It will give you added protection from either the sun or the rain. It is a great compliment to your portable folding chair for watching practices and games.

Never let an umbrella replace proper use of suntan block or tanning accelerator lotion for your skin. Make sure you get water resistant block with a high SPF and reapply several times throughout the day. Also make sure your sun block has not expired. Have a great day at the beach, avoid being burned and use umbrellas as needed.