What comes to your mind when you think of the beach? For me it’s sun, sand, water, and people. I personally love the beach and love to go on vacations to places where I can enjoy the beach.  A great place for a beach vacation is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Cabo Vacation

If you are unfamiliar with Cabo San Lucas it is located on the tip of the Baja Peninsula where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. It is also located to the south of the beautiful Sierra de Laguna Mountains. Since it is located right by the water it is a perfect place to go if you want to enjoy some beaches. Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place to choose for your next Mexico vacation as you can expect to enjoy the beach and so much more.

Beaches in Mexico

The beaches in Cabo San Lucas are plentiful so you won’t have any trouble finding some beach to put your towel down on. One of the most popular beaches in the area is Playa Medano which is the main beach in Cabo that is set amidst all the action. This beach starts at the east end of the harbor and extends all the way up the Cabo San Lucas Bay which means it has miles and miles of great beach front for you to take in. There are plenty of shops and restaurants on this beach so you can make this trip to the beach an entire day’s adventure. Playa Medano has some of the safest swimming in the area so expect to see a lot of people in the water.

Relaxing in Cabo

Lover’s Beach is a water taxi away but it is a great beach to check out. Located at Land’s End this beach is used in many famous photo shoots each year. It is really a beautiful beach that won’t disappoint you. Swimming here isn’t recommended as it is a bit rocky and the current is a little strong.  However there are some great things you will be able to see from this beach that will totally make it worth your visit. First of all this beach offers a great view at Cabo’s famous stone arch which is a 200-foot granite rock that was carved by strong ocean currents. In the past it was used as a hiding place for pirates so they could ambush incoming ships however today the pirates are gone and it is a great place for a photo opportunity. Another great thing you can expect to see at this beach is a lot of sea lions. The sea lions love to lie out in the sun on the rocks by this beach so you get some great views of them sunning themselves.

beautiful cabo

Old Man’s Beach is a great place for you to spot some awesome waves while you are in Cabo. This beach is a surfer’s paradise as it has surf breaks that are great for both beginner surfers as well as skilled surfers. If you are an expert surfer or want to see some expert surfing then be sure to check out the Zippers surf break on this beach. This is a fast and hard surf break where many surfing competitions are held each year. Another great thing about this beach is that there are tide pools that the kids will love to play in.

Beautiful Cabo San Lucas

Santa Maria Beach is truly a beautiful beach that offers something quite unique. The sand on this beach is pink and is very comfortable for you to walk on. This unique colored sand makes this beach a popular place for tourists. Another great thing about this beach is the views you can get in the water. This is one of the best places for snorkeling in Cabo as it is a marine sanctuary. The gulf of Cabo has a greater abundance of fish than any other gulf in the world so make sure you go snorkeling so you can see some of the great marine life in the area.

The beaches of Cabo are plentiful and beautiful. If for no other reason than the beaches, Cabo is a must-see. Start packing your bags today and be ready to have a great time enjoying some amazing beach views!