So you're planning a beach wedding? And you need invitations to match your beautiful beach theme, but don't know where or how to begin, or how to order them? Have no fret, as there are several simple and affordable options.

Well, at least you have a theme, and that is the fact that this wedding is going to be on the beach. Ask yourself, would you be ok with guests wearing beach attire and flip flops, or is this a formal black tie event? Although it's a beach wedding, adopt a theme and a tone for the wedding first, and then that tone should be set in the invitations. For example, the tone is usually set by the way the card is constructed, such as elegant with a fancy font for formal, or silly, fun, and a vibrant font for a casual event.

If you have a wedding planner, the best thing might be to ask their opinion first. After all, if the wedding planner deals with beach weddings often, they may have an entire arsenal of artists and other experts whose services are needed when planning such events.

Another idea to find beach wedding invitations to match your beautiful beach theme would be to search the internet. There are many companies that would be happy to send a complimentary catalog out to you for the asking. Sometimes, there are literally hundreds of options in one magazine alone. Also, perhaps isolate your search specifically to beach wedding invitations.

An affordable alternative, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, and it's too much to commission an artist, would be to create your own wedding invitations. This could probably end up being the most budget friendly and creative option yet!

Whatever option is chosen, keep these few simple things in mind that would relay your message that this is indeed a ceremonious occasion on the beach: sunset, sand, seashells, seagulls, water. A good color would be perhaps a tan to resemble the sand, then have your invitations printed in blue, to resemble the color of the sky and the water. Plus, maybe mention somewhere in the invitation that beach attire is optional (only if it is).

Another creative idea would be to include a small bag of shells or sand in the invitation making them more of a modern wedding invitation. If any of those ideas can be incorporated into the invitation, it's a pretty good guess that the guests will understand that this clearly a beach wedding!