Considering a natural setting for your long-awaited wedding? An outdoor wedding, specifically the beach has become a runaway favorite among many contemporary couples. If you have decided that a wedding on the beach is for you then here is some fantastic wedding invitation ideas.

A romantic beach wedding conjures magnificent sunsets over calm blue waters, a rejuvenating whiff of the ocean breeze as it blows your hair, golden sands and other natural attractions. You can just feel the sun on your face already right?

To convey the good news to your family and friends, take the time to check out how you would want your beach wedding invitations worded and designed. You want to make sure you stay with your beach or tropical theme.

More than charming your guests with uniquely styled invitations, your primary aim is still to announce the wedding and the people involved, and set the tone for the wedding event. Do you want to be formal or casual?

If you opted for an eco-friendly wedding theme, go green and environment-friendly with your beach wedding invitations. Having them on recycled paper would be a big plus.

As far as design is concerned, numerous invitation ideas may be found in online sites or from actual referrals of friends and relatives who have searched high and low for unique wedding paraphernalia and themes for a wedding.

For the materials, you may want to use handmade paper with embedded flower seeds, which speaks volumes about embarking on a new life together. Plus, it looks amazing.

In this high-tech age, a video presentation with upbeat music, that can start with close-up picture of a creative invite (with shells, sea animals, and palm trees as background), followed by happy and zany photos of the couple through the years, and details about the wedding (including date, time and venue) at the end, will make a really cool invitation.

It's novel, practical and paper waste-free too. No matter what you choose for your beach wedding invitations, be sure that it suits your personality. Also, let your guests know how you want them to dress. Some can be confused as to the formality of what they should be wearing.