When you are hosting a beach or destination wedding, one of the first impressions your guests will receive is of your welcome bag. These bags are helpful in welcoming your guests to your event and let them know how much you appreciate their attendance. By choosing items that are unique to the area and for your beach theme, you can help to create a memorable experience for your wedding guests. 

Focus on the Bag 

The bag itself should be carefully considered when putting together your beach wedding welcome bags. Choose a canvas bag with either a wedding or beach-themed exterior so that your guests have something in which to tote around their belongings. If you feel like getting extra creative, choose alternatives to the traditional bag and consider using items like a shovel and pail or an actual beach bag instead. 

Beach Accessories 

Your guests will love to take advantage of your wedding’s beach location by spending some of their downtime on the sand or in the waves. Therefore, consider providing them with beach accessories that they can use during this time. An exotic seaside beach towel is a good choice to include, and your guests may also appreciate sand toys, flip flop sandals, or sunglasses. 


While attending your beach wedding, your guests may be required to spend a significant amount of time sitting in the hot sun as you exchange your vows. In order to prevent heat-related illnesses, take precautions to ensure that your guests are properly hydrated. Include bottles of water or tickets to obtain refreshments from a nearby snack bar. In addition, including a few bottles of local wine or beer can also be a thoughtful and creative touch so that your guests can wind down after the ceremony. 

Pampering Supplies 

Although the main reason your guests are traveling out of town is for your wedding, they may also take advantage of this time away by turning it into a mini-vacation. Be sure they have everything they will need to feel comfortable. Consider providing them with sunscreen, a bottle of lotion, or even an eye mask to help them feel relaxed while they are away. 

Custom-Made Koozies 

Another unique idea for your beach wedding welcome bag is a custom-made can koozie. A day at the beach just isn’t complete without indulging in a cold beverage, and the koozie that you create can be used as a keepsake that your guests can take with them on their return home. Consider printing your wedding logo or the name of the bride and the groom on the koozies, and choose your wedding colors in order to give them a special and personalized touch. 

Local Items 

Including a local item in your wedding welcome bag provides your guests with a souvenir to take home. For example, if your beach wedding is in the Caribbean, a small bottle of locally produced rum, a can of fruit juice, or locally made rum candy are good options. For a Mexican beach wedding you may like to include a mini bottle of tequila, small bags of chips and salsa, or Mexican candies. This will help your guests to better experience the local culture of your wedding destination. 

Attraction Information 

Out of town guests may wish to check out the area sights either before or after your wedding. Consider placing a book about the area or map in their welcome bag, and point out some of the most interesting things for them to do during their down time. As an added bonus, see if you can get gift certificates for a local ice cream shop or tickets to an area attraction to include within their gift bag. 

The welcome bags you choose for your beach wedding are a great way to kick off your wedding weekend. The personalized touches that you choose will let your guests know how much you care and that you appreciate them coming to your special day. By choosing the right items to include, your beach wedding welcome bags will help to make your event even more memorable.